Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco de Mayo Birthday Celebration

Today is my birthday. My birthday AND my husband's birthday! But, he will ALWAYS be two years older than me! ;)

We went out for dinner and enjoyed a hibatchi meal- the kind cooked right in front of you. I ate about two scallops, two spoonfuls of rice, one piece of zucchini, 2 small shrimp and called it quits! I couldn't help but reminisce about that last time that my husband and I had eaten at this Japanese restaurant... I watched as the chef served everyone at the table making sure that I didn't get any less than everyone else there... it had to be fair. However, tonight I watched as he served me hoping that he wouldn't give me anymore! Big difference.

It's nice to go to bed on my birthday knowing that I didn't pack away a 5,000 calorie meal just because I could.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!

Janna said...

Happy Birthday!

Tiffani said...

Wow - how accurate.. I totally did that same thing at hibachi restaurants!!

Happy birthday to both of you!!!

99ToGo said...

Happy Birthday to you (and hubby), Happy Birthday to you (and hubby), Happy Birthday dear Lynn, Happy Birthday to you (and hubby)!!!!

Sherry said...

That really struck a chord for me! My husband is a HUGE eater (but a great metabolism) and I remember pre-band I'd get frustrated when we'd 'split' and appetizer or a dessert because he'd always end up getting most of it. I'd have to yell at him to slow down so I could get my share. But now, I could care less! Its wonderful!

LA said...

Isn't it amazing how your eating habits change as you get healthier? Happy Birthday and congrats on eating health! Mmm, hibachi!!!!! ;)

Tricia said...

Happy birthday! You've come a long way :) I would still have to demand equal shrimp though :P

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday!

simon aderson said...

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