Tuesday, September 21, 2010


.... do you think it's a bad sign when:

a. I went to my favorite ice cream shop today.
b. The lady spouted out my order before I could
c. She said, "We'll see you tomorrow afternoon!"

Yup, bad sign. Very, very bad sign.

I WILL NOT go tomorrow afternoon. Or tomorrow morning or tomorrow evening for that matter. I WILL NOT. I WILL NOT. I WILL NOT.

I am making a promise to you all, because I don't normally keep promises to myself.


99ToGo said...

Mint Ch. Chip at Goodberry's? STAY AWAY!!!!!! Or, you could set a limit on yourself, like say, once a week, you'll order a small serving, so you can look forward to something, but not have it take over your life. Then again, just not getting into the stuff at all might work too ;)

Annie said...

Hi Lynn, I love your blog- I love how honest you are, and how real. Your new picture is great, too, btw.

I agree with 99- once a week makes it a treat, and if you keep it to that it's something to look forward to, and not feel guilty about.

Good luck tomorrow afternoon! :)

Mrs.C said...

walk slowly away from the ice cream... walk away... walk far, far away!!

Well, maybe take a peek in once a week!

Kerri said...

Ice cream is my heroin so I try to avoid it at all costs but once in awhile we deserve a treat!!! Best of luck! You can do it!!

Vee said...

Yeah, gotta say those were all bad signs. Freeze some fruit tonight, then tomorrow, mix it with lowfat milk or yogurt. Sometimes just as good ... and definitely healthier!

I threw out some ice cream today. Cleaning out the freezer. Wasn't even tempted! Of course, it WAS plain ole vanilla. But still...

Vee at http://veegettinghealthy.blogspot.com

Fat Daddy said...

Ice Cream...it's the devil. I just can't even have it in my house. Or it miraculously vanishes.

Catherine55 said...

Major props for coming clean about this and committing to not sabotaging yourself with daily ice cream! I can imagine that was like a bucket of cold water when the server said "See you tomorrow!"

BTW, I loved your Bandiversary post. I won't be surprised to see you in a size 8 or 10 during this next year if you keep up all your great work!