Sunday, January 23, 2011

Interactive Health Partner

My awesome new treadmill comes with a USB port so I can download and sync my workouts with a program called, Interactive Health Partner. It's really neat stuff.

My treadmill counts and records the number of steps I take, calories burned and all sorts of cool stats per workout period. It's the Lifespan 1200i model and so far, even though I haven't used it, I love it! ;)

I plan on hopping on the beauty tomorrow morning, regardless of my respiratory health status. I'm just going to do it!

On a side note- I just changed my weight loss ticker to reflect my lengthy "Band Holiday". There are no excuses, but MAN, I am feeling crushed. Geez Louise. It's better than being UP 50 pounds from my starting weight though.


Natalia said...

That treadmill sounds great! I love gadgets!

Good for you on changing your're holding yourself accountable and I think that's a very important step to moving on and getting back on track! You'll have that weight back off in no time!

Cukiemunstr said...

I hope when we move into our new house that I can find room for my treadmill. It is sitting all lonely in my too full garage. I miss it.

Thomas said...

How is the treadmill working out for you? I used to love the treadmill but now I enjoy running on the beach. Better things to look at instead of my wall. Cant wait to hear about the new progress.

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weight said...

Thank you so much for your help . I am looking forward to using this program . I will keep you up dated on my progress.

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DogsTube said...

Thanks for all the valuable tips in this post, specially liked the text about reduce calorie intake. keep up yhe good work you are helping many people!

Natalia said...

Hey, how are you doing? Miss seeing your posts!

Katie J said...

Just checking in Lynn. It has been awhile since you posted and I wanted to make sure you are okay.