Friday, September 26, 2008


What a long week this past week has been. I have been so stressed out, it's unbelievable! My Mom decided to come for a visit, which was great, but I am kind of relieved to have her gone. For some reason we did our fair share of arguing while she was here. She really stressed me out. I guess I will always be her "little girl" which grants her the right to nag, pick on and irritate the mess out of me. But, my boys LOVE her to pieces, so I am always sad for them when she has to go.

We are having a neighborhood garage sale tomorrow, and I have had ladies calling me for weeks to come and see what baby stuff I have left. At the rate I am going, I am going to have measly scraps to put out at the sale tomorrow. It sounds good, but I am just trying to clear enough space to get my husband's car back in the garage. We have so much junk it isn't even funny.

I have heard, from several sources, that having a cluttered house actually contributes to weight gain- which I completely agree with. It seems that I get so overwhelmed with the messes I have in our nooks and crannies and all the stuff packed into our closets, that instead of grabbing the bull by it's horns and cleaning, I shut down and pass the stress by eating. It's kind of like leaving your mouth loose and open yields a quicker and easier childbirth- it's all connected. With that I mean the stuff we carry around in our lives seems to weigh us down- possessions and extra weight. When my closets are clean, I feel much lighter. And when I feel lighter I probably burn more calories with the extra bounce in my step and eat less because I feel better. Does that make sense?

I am hoping to greatly reduce the clutter in my house over the next few weeks. It just seems like I am always bringing more "stuff" into the house, ie. diapers, fall/winter clothes for the boys, groceries...etc, then I can ever purge. I just want a HUGE pick-up truck to show up in my driveway and haul it all away. It would be so liberating not to have all this clutter.


Fat Free Me said...

Happy selling!! I hope you get all the extra clutter out, and end the weekend feeling MUCH lighter. Did you get out for that ride last night?

Lynn said...

If you haven't tried the Flylady cleaning approach, I strongly recommend it as something that has saved my apartment, my sanity... The big thing to remember, is like your weight, this didn't happen overnight, and you won't get your house in shape over night... it takes time.

But it's definitely worth it.

Anonymous said...

I know the feeling--sometimes when the house is a mess, you just don't feel like cooking, or eating healthily, or doing anything but sitting around, wondering how you're ever gonna get it all done. At least that's how I am. A clean environment definitely brightens the mood. Maybe you could call a local charity to come pick up any leftover stuff?