Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Day Four Failure

Well, the cleanse lasted for a whole (well almost) four days! On the evening of the fourth day, both my husband and I found ourselves downstairs in the kitchen looking for something to eat that didn't come from the ground! He chose Triscuits and cheese while oddly enough I chose a salad- but with CROUTONS! Yum.

So, day five...six...seven...and now day eight have all been with and without our cleansing rules. We're awful!

I have to say, I don't feel any better, and I lost 0 pounds! My dear hubby lost 5 pounds. No fair.

Switching noodles:

I went to the doctor today to discuss some episodes of light-headedness, nausea, chest pains, headaches and passing out. The doctor was fine, but I hate when they don't know the answers! It's always a big, fat guess. So, after an EEG, I find myself strapped to a 24-heart monitor (holter monitor) that falls off EVERY single time and lean over to pick up one of my children or one of their many toys. OBNOXIOUS. I just pray that it doesn't fall into the toilet. How on earth would I explain that one!? Gross. I also have to go in for a four hour blood sugar test to make sure I am not suffering from low blood sugar. Oh yeah! Guess what!? The scale at the doctor's said I weigh 270! I'll take it! Should I tell them it's wrong?

So, that's me right now. I hope you are all in your happy places!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow--I hope you are feeling better soon and know what is causing that. Don't you love it when the doctor's scale weight lite, that almost never happens! Hope you have blessed day--Bonnie

Fat[free]Me said...

Those 4 days must have counted for something. I must say a one-day detox does me the world of good every now and then. (through gritted teeth: well done hubby on the 5lbs loss!)

Hope your tests are OK and you feel better soon.

The Dash! said...

I went on the Lemon Detox quite a few months ago - it was the longest five days of my life... I think I lost about 10 pounds but seriously... it wasn't worth it. I hate detoxing lol.

carla said...

no failure.
Just chose to go a different direction :)

IMO it's too hard to detox as all Id do is fantasize about FOOOOOOD.

keep us posted on the tests (is that a holter monitor?)


Fitnut said...

Of course the hubby lost 5 pounds - no fair!

SeaShore said...

Four days is better than no days, right? I doubt I would have lasted for one!

It's too bad that the human body doesn't come with an instruction manual and troubleshooting guide, eh? I hope they figure out what's going on soon!

carla said...

ok, woman.
checking back in.
proffering a hand.
can I help at all?