Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hmmmm, did someone say something about a HUGE steak? Because, I could seriously use a little protein right about now.



Anonymous said...

NO No No! Steak is icky, good.. lol.

blendergrl said...

stay strong!

Getting Healthy said...

I know what you mean....I crave things too.

Stay strong, it will pass

Lesle said...

just started reading you blog and I really like it, some of the things you write I really identify with and I think your so funny, loved the "one size fits all" post! anyway just wanted to say stay strong!! Eventually you will be able to eat again!! haha!

carla said...

I cant believe youre doing a cleanse/have done it already for so so long.

Id say better you than me--but youve proven that already by sticking with it for longer than I would have.