Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Scrub, Scrub

My husband and I are starting a ten-day cleanse today. Wish me luck.

I don't plan on cheating, really I don't. But, I am afraid that my meals, consisting of a mysterious-black powder, will decide not to stay down.

We have to take 7 special vitamins 3 times a day and at least two fruit smoothies made from the mystery powder, flax oil and water. In between, we are only allowed to eat vegetables and fruit. I feel nauseous already.

I plan on living on applesauce with ground flax seed and cinnamon. Yum. I am glad I have the last book of the Twilight series to finish- it will be a great distraction from my rumbling tummy.

My husband is convinced this is the answer to ALL of my problems. I hope he's right. Wouldn't that be so nice? If after ten days ALL of my problems went away? I'm holding my breathe. Really. Really I am.

Okay, maybe not. It's breakfast time... here I go. I'll let you guys know how it goes!


VeeGettingHealthy said...

Sometimes the only way I can get through something like that is to remember that my favorite foods WON'T disappear while I'm on the fast or cleanse. McDonald's or oreo cookies won't suddenly disappear off the face of the earth in 10 days, and that package of cake mix will still be in your cupboard.

You'll be great! If you don't believe that, who will?!?!

Keep blogging to keep us up to date. Vee at www.veegettinghealthy.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

Good Luck! You Will Do Great :)

Fat[free]Me said...

While I do like a good detox every now and then, and feel much better for it, that black stuff sounds horrible, lol!

Mind you, it is only 10 days - be interesting to see how you feel after it. Good luck and keep us informed.

Big Girl said...

doesn't sound very appetizing but hopefully you'll feel better after it's done. good luck!

Aunt of 14 said...

Is the black powder charcoal? I know some people who take charcoal pills for tummy aches and they're capsules with black powder in them. I tried it once and it did help my tummy ache.

Fitnut said...

Aw, that's cute you two are doing it together! That should make it a little more bearable. Good luck!

The Dash! said...

Good luck with your detoxing - it's always hard getting started and 10 days hopefully will go fast for you. You will feel amazing at the end though. :)

Anonymous said...

Good luck on this. You are a braver woman than I am--I couldn't go without eating protein. Glad to hear you and hubbie are doing this together. Blessings! Bonnie

Natalia said...

Good luck! :)