Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Help, I Can't Breathe!

So, now that the weather has gotten colder, I have been reminded that I suffer from cold air asthma. Basically- exercise induced asthma caused by the cold air. When I went out running the other night, I made it about .25 miles before I couldn't get any air in, I was wheezing, gasping for air and it felt like an elephant was crushing my lungs! So, off to the doctor's I went.

My doctor prescribed me an inhaler, but an inhaler has never worked for me in the past. He said that I may not be able to run outdoors again until the warmer weather. Seriously!?

I have just gotten to the point where I am really hitting my stride and enjoying running. I HATE exercising inside, I absolutely despise it- it's boring and painful for me.

Have any of you dealt with asthma issues? Have you found something that works for you?

I am thinking about running with a scarf over my mouth to help warm and moisten the air. I have to figure something out to counteract my recent ice-cream splurges! :/


Colls said...

I have exercise induced asthma as well. It has been acting up the past month or so, but my inhaler works really well. I take two puffs about 15 minutes before I workout and that usually helps. I also take Singular daily and this helps too.

Building Bridges NI said...
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nikki said...

I don't have asthma but allergies and so I can relate with the breathing problems at times. Hope you find some relief!

lori said...

have you seen those things (i dont know what they are called) that skiers put inside mittens that heat up? i am sure you could put one of them inside a scarf and tie it around your face. they are sold in ski shops.

Natalia said...

Aw sorry to hear that! I don't have any experience with asthma, but the scarf sounds like a good idea!

When I first read your post I though you said you ran twenty-five miles! I was like, what the heck is she complaining about! :) Then I saw the *.* oh, 1/4 mile! OK, now I get it!!! :)