Sunday, March 27, 2011

Why is it that even though I try so damn hard, I keep going UP on the scale? I am going to throw her to the curb- we've had a seriously tumultuous relationship, and I seriously hate her right now.

She is in the bathroom right now, hiding behind the toilet like the coward she is, plotting how to dash my hopes and dreams tomorrow morning. I think she's worked a deal out with Satan & the Fat Fairy.

I haven't been completely "clean" when it comes to food, but I SURE AS HELL have not been eating enough to deserve the kind of gain that I have been seeing. I almost feel like I should at least be enjoying some seriously yummy, and bad for me food, to be blowing up like a freaking balloon. *SIGH* One or two rice krispy treats, or a medium Dr. Pepper here and there, should NOT be adding this kind of weight! A dozen doughnuts a day, I could see.

AND! Even if I was eating like I did BEFORE my surgery (all day, whatever I wanted), just adding my 400+ calorie burn workouts everyday should be yielding SOME results, no!?



-Grace- said...

I'm sorry, hun. I know the scale can be frustrating. Just stay focused---your hard work is bound to pay off soon.

Natalia said...

Well I say take a hammer to that scale! Don't let it affect how you feel about the progress you've made! You're being honest with yourself, you're working out! Eventually the scale with show the progress you are making til then, focus on what you are doing right!!!

Cupcake Quandry said...

I'm sorry that this is happening...stupid scale. Maybe it's water weight? Plus with all your hard work, you will have something to show for it soon, I am sure!

Shannon said...

Is it possible that your scale is broken? It could really just be that your scale doesn't work happens on occasion.

Good luck. It will come just might be that you're insane by then. :-) (i kid!)

Angi said...

Have you considered a small fill? I know when I start getting the munchies, and eating more than a cookie at a time it's usually because my fill isn't enough. You really shouldn't be hungry enough to eat that stuff.

On another note, it could also be your lack of sleep and added stress. These things also give the munchies, and because you're under stress your body holds on to what it would ordinarily let go.

I would talk to your doctor about anxiety. See if you can get something that will help you with that, and you'll sleep better, feel better and eat less junk.

Trust me... been there done that.

Good luck! And Good job on the exercise!! Keep up the good work!!

- Angi

Lisa said...

can you get a fill? I just had wls last monday. finaly got it done.

samiam4eva06 said...

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JetAviator7 said...

Don't focus on the scale, focus on the mirror and how your clothes fit.

Exercise PLUS diet will get you where you want to go!


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