Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lap Band Discussion

I have really enjoyed reading everyone's opinions regarding lap band surgery. Thanks to all of you who have offered your 2 cents.

My husband and I plan on attending an information seminar sometime next month, which is the very first step towards any bariatric surgery. As much as I would like to "cancel" it, I very much would like to keep all of my options open for now.

I plan on stepping up my weekly exercise, which has been working so far, but food is still such a stinker for me right now. I hate it! I hate it, I hate it, I hate it!!! I hate it so much, I eat it to make it go away. :)

My husband says he will support me 100% with whatever my decision is, but he is very concerned about me having surgery, as is the rest of my family. I realize that after surgery, my diet and exercise will have to be pretty flawless in order for the procedure to be successful. So, I now beg the question, "If you have to eat right and exercise after the surgery, then shouldn't I just eat right and exercise without traumatizing my body?". Seems like common sense, right? I just keep thinking that to be FORCED to follow a plan and have a sense of structure will really help me.

I am still tapping my chin. This is not a light decision. But, my thoughts mostly point towards no at this moment.

***I do want to add that I DO NOT see this as a quick fix or easy way out. I HAVE been reading and researching this procedure for quite sometime now and feel pretty educated as to what I am even considering at this moment. I have shed quite a few tears and had many sleepless nights, and YES I do understand that there are healthier ways, but, just as with anything in life one-size-fits all isn't always the case. I can tell, by a few of the comments that are being left, that some of you think I was up late one night and happened to see an infomercial about lap band surgery. This is far from the truth. I just wanted to let you guys know that, I promise, I am not a complete idiot. I just think that my thinner/healthier self is inside screaming to get out, and all avenues are being scrutinized. That's all. :)***


Mickey said...

the food is such a stinker, how will this surgery change it from not being a stinker? It will remain a stinker, and be a literal stopgap. You will get sick once you 'cheat'...and what's to say once you cheat once, you won't repeatedly cheat? The surgery isn't a certainty. You can gain all the weight back. A healthy diet is the only safe option. It will take years. However, the years it will take, will be years you'll add on later. Weight wasn't added in months, it won't be lost in months. I hope you reconsider the alternatives.

skinnyfitkate said...

I seriously thought about surgery a year or so ago and came to the 'no' conclusion. Mainly because I didn't want to put my body through that trauma when I felt I had already put if through enough. It coped so well with my weight it would have felt like punishing it. Also I couldn't bear the idea that I wouldn't be able to eat a normal meal again...I would remain a freak forever. Now I'm doing weightwatchers and exercising and I have never felt better,
You are right, it is not the answer to your problem and sometimes can bring more problems than it 'cures'. Have you really tried All the alternatives??

carla said...

I have no thoughts (that Id wanna share publicly :) I have a lot of thoughts) but that I think we all know the answers.
it is all inside us if we just sit, be still and listen.

xo xo,


Lynn said...

I don't know if you've ever looked at Felicia's blog http://www.djfsmith.com/f/ but if you haven't, you should. She did the surgery and she looks and feels great! (well, you know, like everyone else, she's got good days and bad days).

My best friend's sister-in-law is going to be doing the surgery...

It is not the ONLY solution, but oft-times it is a good solution.

I have another friend who's done the surgery, and he lost 250 pounds and he's doing really well.

It may not be the best solution - that would have been to NOT GET FAT in the first place... doesn't it seem so nice and easy, if we could go back in time and coddle our younger selves, make them more aware of the damage they're doing...

Really, as far as I'm concerned, if you can't lose the weight, or you won't lose the weight, semantics aside, the problem is still that you're causing yourself major health problems, and you need a solution. If surgery is the solution for you, please, don't worry about what other people say, or think.

You need to do what's right for you, and you're the only one who knows whether or not you need it.

Blubbery Blogger said...

Thanks Lynn. I really appreciate your comment. I am just starting to feel like some people think I am a complete moron. I realize I have to fix my head, but there are times when I feel surgery might be part of my journey. We'll see. Thanks again!

Natalia said...

Hey Lynn,
I'm sorry if my comment made you feel that way. That was not my intention at all. You have to figure out what's best for you! Just know that no matter what I'm cheering you on! :)

new*me said...

It is YOUR decision. Surgery of any kind is risky.......that is always the one thing that scares me when you have children.

I used to be all for surgery until I had a friend die from complications of WLS and leave behind 2 little ones.

Because it is so serious, such a HUGE decision to make.......that is why it should be personal. Follow your heart and your head. We can offer our opinions, but we are not walking in your shoes.

No matter what you choose, we are here for you!

Cammy said...

Oooh, I'm sorry if my comment made you feel as though I didn't think you were giving the issue *careful* consideration, because I actually believed entirely the opposite. In fact, I thought you were asking for people's input because you felt you had thought yourself in circles. :)

IRJessica said...

Do you already have as many children as you want? I've heard there can be trouble... but I am not educated.

Joel said...

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Jodz said...

You need to do what is right is for you. Who cares what others think. As I said in an earlier post my friend had it done and is completely happy.

Herbalife Australia said...

A very close friend of mine has just had the surgery in Jan of this year he did it as he was honest with himself and his family that loosing the large amount he had to for health reasons was not going to happen on his own accord. I think it showed great courage and was not a cop out so to speak it is such a major surgery which he did not enter into lightly... good luck with your own journey

Felicia said...

Hi ya!! Just returning the visit!

Have to giggle at a few of the things you posted ( only cuz well been there ya know lol)

1. Easy way out ( in your poll ) - this always cracks me up as who would want to take the hard way out on purpose when there is an easier way to get where you want to be getting? LOL

2. What other people think. Girl time to toughen up that skin asap. You are ALWAYS going to run into people who think you are out of your mind. You have to be super secure in your choice that you are doing this because its what you want and to heck with everyone else ( and I do mean EVERYONE ).

3. "pretty flawless" Life is never flawless no matter what part of it you are focusing on. This will be a tool to help you not a tool that judges you. Yes with the band you have to "work it" a lot harder than say RNY but perfection is impossible as this is life lol nothing is perfect. Don't set yourself up already to fail by putting unrealistic assumptions on yourself ok!!

Ok I can go on and on but before you think you have attracted a freak to your blog I will stop there lol.

I say go with what your gut says. if this is what you know is your path. Deep down in your soul you KNOW this is the right thing for you. THEN GO FOR IT!

You have a SUPER wonderful day ok!!

*huggles* and best wishes!!

Lady Lap Band said...

I had the surgery 4 months ago and I am not sorry I did it. I feel it is the best choice I've ever made. I feel so fantastic. I made the choice not to tell anyone. I felt I needed to make the choice on my own and not listen to anyone else's opinion because in the end if I decided to do it, I would be the one living with it, not them!


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Brianna Bradley said...

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