Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Just Another Non-Scale Victory

Last night before going to bed my husband thanked me for being such a good little "housewife" lately. He was referring to the amount of laundry, bed stripping and overall chores and tasks I have been completing lately. Which leads me to this:

If you are not sitting on the couch for hours a day stuffing your face,
you have a TON more time to list/sell/mail things on Ebay, do laundry
run errands, take naps!, clean.....etc.

Just another non-scale victory.

I have however, come across at least two things that are bad about losing weight. Yeah, I said it. Bad! The first being, as you lose weight, your hips start to disappear. This is not so wonderful if you have a two year old that likes to sit on them and be held all day long. I am having to use muscles I have never used before to keep my little bugger in place! Second, my jewelry. I am a jewelry whore. I have quite a few sterling silver rings that cannot be sized and most are a size 9. When I wear my size 9 rings now, they spin around and usually fall off. So, I hope my husband plans on making a few extra dollars here soon, because I need to increase my size 8 collection!

Oh yeah, see you later pound number 33!


Brooke said...

So true for me, too! I have way more energy. Unfortunately I don't use it for anything smart, like house cleaning :-)

susieq4givn said...

Congratulations on your 33lb loss...and the great nsv's!

Jen from Oregon said...

That is a pretty cool NSV! I too am getting way more done (but that is because in my house you have to keep moving to stay
WTG on the 33lbs

Liz - Lizzle - Libby Lou said...

I have way more energy, too! congrats on the 33 gone and also on your husband noticing what you do, so many do not!