Saturday, December 12, 2009

Starting to See Myself

This journey sure has been an interesting and very enlightening one. During the course of my life I have only gained. And if I had lost any weight, it was going right back on, and quickly.

Last year we got our Christmas picture taken as a family. I was hoping and praying that it would turn out okay, and by okay I mean me not looking like a giant heifer. Once our picture was presented to us I was overjoyed with what I saw! I was SO happy with it. As a matter of fact, I assumed the photographer must have done a little photo-shoppy shop on my face because it looked so much less "swollen" looking. I framed that picture and have it proudly hanging in our house for all to see.

I see that picture, everyday, several times a day in fact. And one thing I have noticed is how "fluffy" my face looks to me in that picture now. It's amazing to me. I have only lost a little over 30 pounds and I am already used to my "new face" in the mirror looking back at me.

In the past, successful weight loss was defined for me as severe, hospital worthy "morning sickness" with my two pregnancies. It's so weird to see myself changing, and I really like what I see. I am starting to notice my waist again, my bras continue to become looser, my jeans are baggy and my chronic foot issues are starting to resolve. I can only daydream about how wonderful these next few months are going to be as I transform into who I have always pictured myself being. The person I have always felt like, the person I have always been on the inside. A happy, confident person.


Greta from said...

Great are doing so well! Keep up the good work. Smile a lot. :)

Liz - Lizzle - Libby Lou said...

Good job! These moments we stop to acknowledge how we feel and our process so far are awesome! these are the moments that make this process different from any other WL attempt, b/c we are learning, growing, and loving ourselves!

2010 in 2010 said...

Isn't that an amazing feeling? I love looking at my face now.