Thursday, December 10, 2009

Seeing is Believing....Right?

I've made an interesting observation over the past few weeks, and wanted to discuss it with all of you.

Last summer, I was able to lose 30 pounds. On my own. Through good old fashioned hard work and exercise. BUT, I GAINED IT ALL BACK and then some. Welcome to my life. That was the last straw for me. I couldn't imagine living my life always wondering when I would be "fluffy" again IF I had managed to lose weight again. Hence my decision to finally explore WLS after struggling with my weight for 20+ years.

Anywho, last year I had everyone tell me how wonderful I was looking and how my weight loss was very obvious. I couldn't bump into anyone without them noticing. My mother-in-law would carry on and try to touch me in all of the places I was thinning out. It was a great feeling...not being touched by my MIL, but having everyone notice!

BUT, I have noticed that this time is different. I have lost 30 pounds in about 3 months and no one really says anything. It's weird. Do you think that maybe people are scared to carry on like they did before fearing that I will just put it all back on again? I don't know what to think.

Now, I do realize that me feeling better, my clothes fitting better, my relationship with my husband improving....etc. is really all that matters. But I am just left scratching my head about whether or not people can tell. On another note... some farewells are in order for pounds number 29 and 30. Sianara suckers! :)


Catherine55 said...

Yes -- I totally think that's part of it. But, I bet when you hit some magic number like 35 or 40, they will start saying things to you again. And, you'll have the comfort of knowing that it's really not coming back on. Statistically speaking, there is very little chance of that happening!

Congratulations on 30!! That is so major!


Nawlinz Lady (Dee) said...

are you wearing the same outfits,but maybe they are loose? I am, so my losses are less noticable. :)

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the contrast was more evident back then. Now they've seen you 30 pounds down and you're there again, so it's not as obvious. Does that make sense? Sometimes we tend to retain a particular image of someone in our minds, even after they have gained or lost weight. Maybe it will take getting below the point you were at before people start noticing and commenting again. Just a thought. And BTW, CONGRATULATIONS on that 30 pounds gone! Hooray for Lynn!

Linda Pressman said...

I think you're totally right. I used to lose weight, from 30 to 50 pounds and everyone would fawn over me. Of course, I'd gain it back. Now, on the one hand, I really appreciate their silence while I was gaining and their compliments while I was losing. But when I lost weight finally (over 9 years now) it was like no one trusted me (did they not want to "waste" their compliments?) and no one said a word till I was thin.

Jen said...

It's a very good question and I often wonder the same thing! I have some people who say things every time I see them regularly, to the point where I think they are just taking the mickey! Then there are others, one in particular, who did not say ONE word about me looking like I've lost weight until I had lost 88 pounds!!! I guess she just couldn't not say anything anymore! That's another story though....

I think the main thing is - it doesn't matter! The numbers are coming down, you feel better in all areas of your life - and that's all that counts!

Well done on your success so far, you're awesome :)


Liz - Lizzle - Libby Lou said...

I've had people notice that I've gone down. Oddly enough sometimes it's co-workers I see everyday but when I wear a new tighter shirt, they mention it. Some may be sucking up b/c they know I had the surgery, but most of them do not. Guys at work notice me and stare in the hallway, which is pleasant. I think that's more FUN than them stopping and saying something to me, sometimes. All my family has noticed but most of them don't see me as reguarly so I think it'd be easier for them to tell!

I don't know if they'd keep mum out of fear you'd gain, that's kinda rude. But yeah probably 10 or 20 more lbs people will notice. I think usually when you lose those last few pds that take u down a size in jeans, people notice!