Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Writer's Block

I've been experiencing a case of writer's block lately. I have so much going on, yet nothing really inspiring or blog worthy. Does that make sense?

Sometimes I blog about the most boring and ridiculous stuff, but when my life is full of craziness- I don't feel like blogging. It's just weird.

So, because this blog is supposed to be a documentation of my journey, I am going to list a few things going on with me right now. Okay? Okay. So, here it goes:

  • My husband and I had to fire one of his employees yesterday. It sucked. Bad.
  • I had a fill of 4 ccs two Fridays ago to prime my band once again and to end my insane eating.
  • I gained 5 pounds in two weeks before my fills returned.
  • I had a fill of 2 ccs last Friday and have lost 7 pounds since Saturday. Hopefully there will be no plateau for me anytime soon.
  • We bought a wooden playset for my boys- I am so excited! Now, if we could just decide on who gets to put it together for us.
  • My boys have had the privilege to attend a wonderful private preschool over the past two weeks. But, their last day is Friday and I feel just awful that we can't afford to allow them to keep attending.
  • I am going to cry on the boys' last day of school. They love it there, and I LOVE their teachers! But more so, I LOVE what going to school has done for my boys. It's been a wonderful experience all around.
  • My husband is addicted to a "retarded" game on the computer called World of Warcraft. Embarrassing, but that's something going on.
  • My husband neglects the boys and me a bit to fulfill his WOW fix. It's irritating.
  • I run away from life by eating- he runs away by playing his game.
  • I AM WEARING A SIZE 18 AGAIN!!!! This is a good one, let me tell 'ya.
  • I bought myself some new undies yesterday.
  • Oh, oh! Yeah, I almost forgot- I got some new Spring/Summer tops and they were a size XL! Not 3x, or 2x or 1x, but just plain 'ole XL.
So, there you have it. My last few weeks in a nutshell. I hope I didn't bore you!


Yana said...

I've been so busy I haven't had time to write anything except what I ate that day...and even that not as religiously as I was before.

Isn't the size 18 nice? I'm moving along to 16W/almost but not quite a regular 16 soon!

Paula said...

WOW is the work of the devil. Okay, not really but it is very time consuming and guys around the world have glued themselves to the computer playing it. My husband, fortunately isn't one of them. My brother in law is though. I feel his wife's pain as when she is working he asks me to watch their 14 month old.

Congrats on the weight loss and hope it continues.

Girl Bandit said...

Love the new bra's....and undies....what a great feeling hey??? Hope you clear that writers block and keep up that amazing weight loss

tessierose said...

You are scaring me a little. My 13year old son and my 19 year old step-son are addicted to WOW! I have to set a timer at home because it completely takes over their lives. I told my youngest son that I couldn't wait til he outgrew this fascination with that game, his response: "There are lot's of grown-ups who are more obsessed than me!" Maybe he wasn't just blowing smoke up my
@$$! Sounds like you have a lot to deal with right now. Hope things calm down for you.

Lisa said...

Congrats on the size 18!

Anonymous said...

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