Friday, April 2, 2010

Geesh, Who Doesn' Know!?

Well, a few things on my front. You may or may not remember the fact that I was worried about not telling one of my best friends about me sporting a lap-band. I didn't want to tell her at first because I didn't want to apply any extra pressure to myself. I felt the more people who knew, the more I would freak myself out.


My friend and I went out for dinner the other night, and she was acting really weird. She kept telling me she was worried about me because I wasn't eating anything. Skip to about four hours later, and after she told me she was afraid that my bulimia had started up again- I felt it was time to tell her. So I did. Spilling the beans to her was super anti-climatic. She was very understanding and was happy that I had made a decision to better my health. Really? That's it? That's it. Why didn't I tell her a long time ago? I felt a little stupid.


While going out to the movies with my neighbor (who had promised to keep my secret exactly that- I shared with her because she too had WLS) and her sister the other night, I realized that people knowing isn't entirely in my control. I found out she told her sister when she nonchalantly started talking about my band. WHAT? Then, when the SAME neighbor introduced me to her daughter who was visiting, she introduced me as, "This is Lynn, she has the lap-band". Seriously. She did that. I don't think it gets much more rude. To top it all off, when I kindly asked her to stop sharing my information, this was her response, "Oh, I would never tell anyone, that's your business, not mine." Did this lady fall and hit her head on a rock? Or do I just no longer understand the English language?


JourneyBeyondSurvival said...

It's funny how people respond to some of the most important things in my life. Some people that I think are going to be totally awesome about it-aren't.

Others that I hide it from and am super freakin afraid are-totally awesome. I really can't predict it anymore, but I still try to control who I tell.

Because I can't handle it when inconsiderate WITCHES come up to discuss something private and sensitive in a public place. So sorry that happened to you.

Jennifer said...

jeez...some people. Were you speaking Mandarin to her or something?
I'm glad your friend was good with it.
I've been lucky with the fact that all but one person I told (and I told everyone I know) has been supportive and positive about it.
(Thank goodness!)

Jess said...


Sib said...

If it were't so rude and sad it would be funny! I think there's a lesson in there somewhere. I bet you've already learnt it!

Girl Bandit said...

OMG...did it somehow get to your other friend as well??? Did she know and just want to hear it from you??? How rude of the lady to introduce you like that???? I get that they may introduce you as the nice lady who works at local shop or something but to reference the band in an intro is the mention it all is rude. This is why only my DH and BFF know....I will never break my silence...Poor you Ok opff my soap box now

Jacquie said...

My father always says "a secret is only a secret until you tell someone else!" It is so true. You just don't know who is going to open there mouths.

What an idiot though, huh? I'm sure you won't be sharing anything else with that one!

Lisa said...

Wow. She sounds a little looney. :)

carla said...

and yet not.
people never fail to NOT surprised me.

Shannon said...

She probably thinks telling her sister "doesn't count" A lot of people are like that. For example, with most married people if you tell something to one spouse, you've almost always told it to both of them. Wheather you meant to or not, you know? Still, it sucks that she has no intention of respecting your privacy. I hope she gets it from now on.