Friday, November 19, 2010

Do NOT Try This at Home

How many of you have heard of strange things people do while under the effects of a sleeping aid?

Well, here is my story:

I was prescribed Ambien months ago for a bad bought of insomnia. Since then, I have only taken it a small number of times. The other night I was SO tired and the fear of laying in bed not being able to fall asleep until 4:00 in the morning convinced me to take an Ambien.

I took a WHOLE pill and headed downstairs to watch a movie until I was feeling tired. I sat down with a pint of Ben & Jerry's (I had good girl plans...) and settled into the couch. Within five minutes, the actors and actresses in the movie had four eyes. Feeling content with just the top layer of my ice cream being gone, I headed for bed.

The next morning, I laid in bed confused about what had happened the night before. My husband told me that I had called him to say that I was going to bed and that I sounded completely coherent. I don't remember calling him, at. all. Then it dawned on me... I don't remember putting the ice cream away! I concluded the rest of my precious pint was left on the coffee table, melted, and spread all over the couches and carpet by our dog.

After getting ready for church, I was running out the door and did a quick check- nope, no ice cream left out. Oh good, I must HAVE put it in the freezer.

Fast forward several hours.....

Later that afternoon I was thinking about sneaking a spoon full of my tasty nemesis, and headed for the freezer. Uh-oh, the ice cream wasn't in there. I checked the fridge just in case in my drunken stupor I was confused- nope, not in there either. What on earth!!?? Feeling defeated and confused, I headed over to the trash. Yup, the container was in there. I had eaten the WHOLE thing and didn't even know it!

That's okay, I have another one in the freezer. Or do I? Where did that one go? I can't find that one either. NO. NOOOOOOO. Tell me it isn't possible. In complete denial, I headed for the trash again. Sure enough- TWO containers of B&Js lay in the trash can. COMPLETELY cleaned out and empty.

I had managed to sit GOD knows where and down TWO WHOLE pints of ice cream without even knowing it! That just isn't fair.

Then the realization of how bad the situation could have been kicked in. I was home alone with my boys. What, if in my Ruffie like state, I thought I could drive for some reason and stuck them in the car... what if I had inflicted bodily harm in some other way... what if.... what if....? Uh, I can't even think about it.

From now on, only HALF a pill for me and my husband is going to handcuff me to the bed!

Oh! and one more thing... after sitting at 225 lbs for a FIVE month long plateau, I am finally at 222 again. But being sick for the past three days has definitely had something to do with that, so I can sheepishly take credit. I am just glad I am finally moving in the right direction!


Vee and the Kid said...

I have heard so many stories about what ambien does to people. Glad you didn't get in the car. I too took a sleeping pill plus restless legs meds last night but thank goodness they "only" put me to sleep.

Be careful. Vee at

Jess said...


amy_joy81 said...

Hey, I know what you mean about the weird affects of over medicating. BUT I have something else I'd like to say and PLEASE don't take this the wrong way - take it rather as advice from one blubbery blogger to another...

You are NOT headed in the right direction, or at least that's the impression you're giving. I understand how we can plateau or even back slide. I did that myself for 6 months.

However, I read your blog any time you post one, and I sensed a sweet dairy theme going in the last several - your ice cream habits.

Now you are blogging that you ate 2 pints of ice cream, and I understand that you didn't intend to... except that you DID intend to! Maybe not both at the same time, but considering ice cream seems to be one of your 'trigger' foods, why did you have ANY in your home?

Again, please don't think I'm trying to be rude or anything. I just know that sometimes we can all get a little side tracked and we need someone to slap us in the face so to speak to REALLY get us back on track. Good luck! You CAN do it :)

amandakiska said...

2 pints of B&J AND you lost weight! Can't beat that! Too bad you didn't get to enjoy the ice cream. Or maybe you did - lol.

Stephanie M. said...

Eeeek! I take a whole Ambien every night and as far as I know, I've never eaten anything while not coherent. I use a sleep apnea machine, so I'm pretty sure I'd notice if I was unhooked from it in the morning, and there has never been any food missing. My (skinny) uncle, on the other hand, took an Ambien while at my sister's house once, and ate all of the homemade ice cream in her freezer. So strange!