Thursday, October 2, 2008

Chick Fil'Anxed

As you all know, I have been hanging on to the back gate of the wagon for dear life for a few weeks now. Today was no exception. I started my day with a nutritiously scrumptious Chick'fil A sandwich with a Dr. Pepper. After meeting a girlfriend (who is doing WW) at a local playground so our kids could play we headed off to do some shopping at the mall. Once we arrived, we realized we needed to feed the kiddos lunch before they fell apart.

My choices were either pizza (too messy for a two year old), Burger King, Subway (again, too messy), chinese or Chick'fil A. I opted for Chick'fil A because it was quick, easy and I knew my son would eat it. So began my second round of fastfood for the day. Halfway through my lunch, a conversation ensued between my WW doing friend and me. Now, keep in mind this is the SAME friend who has in the past invited me for all sorts of ice cream and fastfood runs when she needed a friend to accompany her. Why not call your fat friend? Right? And she always tries to get me to eat fastfood while we are meeting up for playdates. So, anyways...this is what was said:

FDWW (Friend doing Weight Watchers): That's a lot of points.
Me (not smiling with an eyebrow raised): Yup, I am sure.
FDWW: Your fries are like 12 points alone.
Me: Okay, thank you. I don't really care today. Today is just that kind of day for me.
FDWW: That Dr. Pepper is 6 points, and...
Me: Please, seriously, just be quiet, I don't care.
FDWW: ...did you get a wheat bun or a regular?
Me (both eyebrows raised): Well, I assume regular because I didn't specify.
FDWW: So, your sandwich is like 13 points. Did you get lowfat mayonnaise?
Me: I don't really care today. I am just in the mood to eat what I want.
FDWW: So, which one?
Me: What?
FDWW: Lowfat or regular?
FDWW(with a smirk): So that is like 35 points for ONE meal. That is a WHOLE days worth for you.
Me: Thank you very much. I guess that's bad, huh?

Was it possible she was just trying to be helpful? I doubt it. She hasn't proven to be a friend who really watches out for me and my weight, so the conversation just really annoyed the heck out of me.


Lynn said...

I think you might want to consider that person as something OTHER than a friend. That's horribly rude, especially once you've said you're not interested.

(As a further side note, I looked up your meal, and it's NOT 35 points. It's more like 20... Jeez, you could at least tell her if she's gonna be such a biscuit, she should at least have her facts correct.)

Anonymous said...

Brat--I assume she just HAPPENED to be eating healthily that day? Because if she was having "one of those days" she certainly would be the last one to bring up points. I can't stand people like that. I'm on WW but I don't try to force my points knowledge on others...Sheesh. She needs to quit trying to be the weight police.

carla said...

Im with Lynn. Frenemie.

and it is rude and it IS ok for you to think it was *especially* when you werent proffering your food and asking:

whaddya think?

Just my unsolicited .02


new*me said...


that's all I can say!

Can't stand the holier than thou attitude. Obvioulsy you know you could make a better choice............BUT you are an adult and you don't need a mommy to point out what you didn't need to hear that day ;)

We all have those days!

Allison said...

She sounds like kind of a jerk. And I have to ask, what the hell was she eating while she was being such a b*tch about what you were eating? I imagine she had to get food from the food court as well, so I doubt her choices were saintly.
I hate when people do stuff like that, especially when you repeatedly ask them to stop.

Blubbery Blogger said...

Because some of you have asked, she was actually eating Chinese- sesame chicken and fried rice! Her meal was MUCH worse than mine, I am sure.

The sad part is she is actually the best friend I have (that lives near me...ahem, Kate). I think I need to have a talk with her about my "little food problem".

Deb said...

Hi Lynn, I'm back after my 3 week hiatus without a working laptop. Trying to catch up with everyone I have missed.

Hang in there.

Losing Weight: said...

I do think your friend was rude...but, I believe that after you remove yourself from the situation, it's something for you to think about. I have a friend that's on a never ending diet and she bitches and moans about how much weight she needs to lose. She then turns around and orders french fries, chocolate shakes, and high fat items.

Think about what you ordered, not because of what your friend said, but rather, so you can help yourself in your weight loss efforts. What little changes could make for next time?

Don't beat yourself over your food choices and don't allow others to treat you poorly either, but do consider why you made the particular choices you made that day.

You can make it to your goals!
Have a great night!

nmburleson said...

OK that was just wrong! That made me real mad when I read it. Not a true friend! A good friend would have dropped it or not brought it up at all. grrrrr

Sunshine said...

Just give her a week or so. I have found that people who are sticking to their plans for the moment tend to get on their high horse with others who are eating things they shouldn't. Sooner or later she will have a slip and she wont be pointing fingers anymore. Ignore it and don't go out with her for food anymore. No one needs the food police to be on patrol every time you put something in your mouth.