Thursday, October 30, 2008

That Time of Year

Well, the holidays are officially upon us. We are all about to be faced with bowls full of leftover Halloween candy, tables full of turkey, dressing and pies, and plates full of beautifully decorated Christmas cookies. Whose idea was it to celebrate with food anyways? Obviously someone who didn't have a weight problem.

I am not sure if you saw the new Bed, Bath & Beyond flier yet, but it displays quite perfectly what lays ahead. There are four pictures. In the upper left corner, a picture of beautifully prepared food with a "Yummy" printed, in the picture below that...more food and another "Yummy". The picture in the top right corner? More treats, and more "Yummy". The last picture, the picture in the bottom right corner, is a picture of a woman standing on a scale that quite simply says "Uh-Oh".

It's that time of year again folks and there is no better time than now to put all of our hard work and resolve to the test. I am trying to gear up. In order to ensure that no Halloween candy is left over, we are giving out play-doh and toys (This also works well to rest well at night knowing that we will not be contributing to someone else's health and obesity problems later in life.) Also, for Thanksgiving, we usually treat ourselves to a rather pricey buffet meal at an outrageously delicious( and quite expensive) restaurant. The buffet works well for us because we feel that we get to eat all that we can in one sitting and we have no leftovers at home to haunt us for the days following.

I don't know about you, but I am quite positive that a fair portion of my left thigh can be directly contributed to my ten servings of left over dressing every year while growing up. By eating at the restaurant, we get to sample all the yummy food without having to bare the guilt of finishing all the leftovers.

Do you have any helpful hints to help us all make it through these food centered months ahead? I know I would love to hear them. I need all the help I can get ladies (and gents :))!


carla said...

you know I probably have too many thoughts and opinions coming in a post when I get (if I get? :)) it together.

THAT SAID Im one to planned and CAREFULLY indulge.

for me Ive gained a lot of weight in the past eating so as not to hurt someones feelings (COME ON, YOU HAVE TO TRY AND JANES CASSEROLE!! SHE WORKED SO HARD ON IT) type thing.


no longer :)

nmburleson said...

I agree with Miz, planned indulgence. I'm treating the holiday season like 4 days on those days if I choose I will have something. The mind trick is to be OK, guilt can wreak havoc! Hope that you have a Happy Halloween! :)

kilax said...

I wish I had some advice! Every year I plan to not go overboard, and... I always do. This year, I am only going to indulge one meal, then get back on track ;)

new*me said...

My advice would be to not feel a small slice or a few bites of what you want and double up on the exercise!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn! Just checking in, and you are doing great on your weight loss! Congratulations. I like your idea of eating at a great buffet. This year I volunteered to cook Thanksgiving dinner, and I am gathering some great new w.w. recipes to try, as well as being in control of slimming down some of our family favorites.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn!

Great idea about getting the holiday food conversation going now. I can't believe Thanksgiving is almost here.

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Manuela said...

I plan my indulgences too but it doesn't mean I go overboard. I'm never going to Christmas dinner at my cousin's house and saying no to her fantastic desserts!

(guess I'm lucky in being single because I have no candy this year and didn't buy any day after stuff either!)

Good luck with the planning.

Deb said...

Lynn, haven't heard from you in a couple of weeks. Hopefully you are doing well. If you are suffering from writer's block I have tagged you with a thought proviking meme. Check it out.