Friday, October 10, 2008

Yay! I'm Obese

I remember like it was yesterday seeing the official diagnoses of "Obese" on my doctor's routing slip back when I was still in high school. I cried so hard in my car, the whole way home. I vowed to lose weight, but never did. I only moved from obese, to severely obese, and then right on up to morbid obesity.

Since starting my journey a little over four months ago, I have moved out of the morbid range, into the severe range, and now into just obese. It's amazing to see how these subtle weight changes actually effect your health and overall BMI. I am struggling to keep my head in the game right now, but seeing the rest of you succeeding and reading your stories is keeping me going. Thank you.

I saw a segment on The Sunday Morning Show the other morning of some great footage of the current peak season up in Vermont. It depicted some of the most beautiful images of vibrantly colored leaves, and gorgeous sounds of babbling brooks and raging rivers. It brought me back to my days of camping and hiking, and I am holding onto this feeling for dear life. My plan is to schedule a Vermont getaway with my husband for this time next year. I want to be able to hike, canoe and enjoy the outdoors while soaking in the crisp fall air, all while enjoying being significantly healthier and smaller. I plan to look forward to the plane ride up there, for the first time in my life without fear of not fitting into the seat comfortably.

If I make the reservations, there is no going back; some serious extra motivation.

I always stop and look at all of the tents and camping gear while shopping in Target. I am dreaming of the day that I can live an active life again, without embarrassment. My husband deserves it, my boys deserve it, and by-golly so do I.


Anonymous said...

Yes, you do deserve it! Good for you--make those reservations and go for it! I'm excited for you. It seems like fall always gets me revved up too! :o)

Cammy said...

Wait until you go from "obese" to "overweight" (and you WILL)--the feeling of accomplishment is almost overwhelming.
Your plan sounds lovely. Definitely powerful motivation!

Chantelle said...

What a great goal to work towards. :)

carla said...

and there's where the success will stem from.

your last sentence.

you do.


Lynn said...

*cheers* I know the feeling. I was soooo excited when I moved from Obese into "Overweight". You'll get there, I have faith in you!

Losing Weight: said...

Yeah! Keep going!

Fat Free Me said...

Yay!!!! We're only OBESE now :)

Can't wait till we can't exchange that for "overweight", and then, what, average, normal, FREE?

I LOVE the image you posted. Can't wait to go Blue Ridge hiking with ya-and the kids (LOL!).

Oh, and thank the Lord for that breastmilk of yours...some babies with Roto end up in the ER with severe dehydration :(

Allison said...

That description of Vermont (and the picture) makes me want to plan a trip up there for next fall as well!
Congratulations for making it into obesity! Now it's onward and downward to overweight!

Anonymous said...

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