Monday, October 19, 2009

Attack of the Bug

My family has been attacked by the stomach flu. So, needless to say the weekend completely SUCKED! My three year old has been really sick since Saturday morning and he continues to throw-up all over himself. My poor baby has it coming out both ends. It's not pretty.

Off to go bathe and do more laundry. I hope this is over today, LORD willing.


Nicole said...

Having sick children is the worst feeling in all the world. the first time Aidan had a stomach bug he just cried and cried b/c at 10 months he just didn't understand what in the world was going on!

Hope everyone gets to feeling better.

Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

I feel your pain. 5 of my 7 had the swine flu over the last week. Not fun. You just feel so bad for them.

I hope you have turned the corner by now.

From Fat to Fit said...

Oh, boo! The sicky has been through our house too. NOT fun!

Natalia said...

Oh so sorry to hear that! I hope that you are all feeling better TODAY! :)