Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Two Month Bandiversary Stats

Well, it's been two months ago today since my band surgery and here are the current stats:

October 29, 2009 (Two months after Lap Band Surgery)
Weight: 269 (-21) (Hence the "21" balloon!)
Left Arm- 17 " (-1)
Right Arm- 17" (-1)
Left Thigh- 33" (-2)
Right Thigh- 33" (-2)
Left Calf- 19.5" (-1)
Right Calf- 19.5" (-1)
Hips- 56" (-.5)
Bust- 45" (-3)
Waist- 43" (-4.75)
44.1% fat (-6%)

TOTAL Inches lost: 16.25

Size 22/24 to start and currently a size 18/20.

I am very pleased with my results so far and hope that by next month's stats, I will have lost a little bit more of my stubborn butt and hips! :) I weighed 269 when I got married 6.5 years ago, so I am so happy to see that number again this morning.


Amy W. said...

That a girl! And you so worried you wouldnt be able to do this...and all of that without a preop diet OR restriction! Great job Lynn! I also love that you added "banded" to The Blubber Blog!

carla said...

Awesome news, great weight loss for 2 months. You must be so happy

susieq4givn said...

great job!! I bet it's a great feeling. Have you started getting fills yet? I am 2 weeks banded tomorrow and I can't wait for my 1st fill!

Suzi said...

Congrats! you are doing greay!!

Anonymous said...

Woohoo--you go, girl! So happy for you!

stardustic said...

Congratulations, you are doing great! Love the Balloon :-) Happy Bandiversary!

99ToGo said...

Yipeeee!!!! You blew away your 20 lb goal girl :) Can't wait for the next update...

Catherine55 said...

Nice work!! You are doing so well!! Happy 2 month-er!


Anonymous said...

Ha! And I like the change to your blog header, you Band-it, you! ;D

Deb said...


SeaShore said...

Those are fantastic results! Congratulations!