Tuesday, October 6, 2009


This post is going to be completely random, so hold onto your socks 'cause here we go.

First of all, I am getting kind of humphed with my dear hubby. I hope he means well, but I have been hearing things come out of his mouth that make me want to slap it. One thing in particular that is really getting my goat is that the band is not working, and won't work.

Now let's see. The only way that I could possibly relate how hurtful those kinds of statements are was to go below the belt, so that is exactly what I did. I simply asked him if he had a tee-tiny little peenie and the WHOLE world could see and know about it and he was ridiculed and made fun of for how ridiculously small it was- would he appreciate me telling him his peenie extender was a joke and wasn't going to work? I know this is a giant stretch (no pun intended), but I didn't know how else to portray to him how frustrating it is to not have his support and enthusiasm.

Next, is my poor mother. I called her the other day to tell her how frustrated I am becoming with the lack of scale movement even though I have been exercising 1.5 to 2 hours a day and that I am eating 1/4 of what I used to. Her response? "Well Honey, maybe you need to start exercising". Yeah. Thanks for listening. AND, she keeps asking me questions about how much I can eat and if I am still over-eating.

I definetly have more to learn about living with my new band friend (poor little thing still doesn't have a name). It seems like I am getting stuck a little too often- I need to learn how to take smaller bites and chew, chew, chew more before my next fill. And speaking of getting stuck, how do you fellow bandsters deal with getting stuck in public? I had to excuse myself to the restroom the other night while eating out and quickly hurried for the nearest stall. The restaurant was almost empty so I was looking forward to a scantily occupied bathroom. Unfortunately, the bathroom was small and very busy. I couldn't help but wonder if the people "sitting" in the stalls next to me noticed that my feet were facing the toilet. I was afraid that people were going to think I was in there making myself get sick. So ladies, how do I deal with that?

AND, the best for last. The scale moved 2.6 pounds this morning! Hip-hip-hooray! Now, I am still sitting at 275.2 which means a total loss of 14.8 pounds, but I'll take it seeing how I haven't seen 275 in a few weeks.

That's it for now. Thanks for reading my totally random post!!!


Tiffani said...

I wonder if your husband just doesn't need a bit of education? Maybe he is expecting the weight to fall off like gastric bypass? Sorry he hurt you like that :(

Sounds like maybe the scale is going to be a little more friendly so perhaps you were just at a plateau! :)

Jen from Oregon said...

A few months from now, when you look back at this post you will be able to say Booyah to the hubby! It doesn't happen overnight for sure. Your band will work for you because you are doing your part to make it work.
Set a reminder in your computer to go back six months from now and just see how far you have come!!!!

Amy W. said...

You have to keep something in mind. A lot of us got a headstart on our weight loss bc we had to do that damn 2 week liquid diet. SO, if you feel like others are further a long then you, keep that in mind. You had your surgery super quick and didnt have to do the liquids. You are doing great. Now, as for your husband. that just pisses me off and breaks my heart at the same time. I think that some people think if they say those negative things to you that they are using reverse psychology and are actually thinking they are motivating your. I dunno. That really sucks.

I thought of a possible name for your band. How about Judy. As in Judy Blume and the book Blubber (hellloooo BlubberBlog). Or Margaret (dear god it's me margaret)?

Just a couple of ideas. Stay strong. You will get more restriction. Dont give up!

Karen said...

Sorry you aren't getting the support you need from the people who should be the most supportive.

Honestly, I would say you might not be eating enough considering the amount of exercise you are doing. I know with the band you can only eat so much, so the only way to address this is to cut back a little on the exercise...maybe only 1 hr instead of 1.5 - 2.

You have to be willing to make these changes for the rest of your life, so isn't 1 hr of exercise/day more reasonable and maintain-able in the long run anyways?

I will also say it's not a race. We didn't gain the weight overnight so we won't lose it overnight - even with surgery to help you along in the beginning.

I lost 100 lbs in about 1.5 yrs through changing my eating and upping my exercise. I have another 15-20 to lose that I've been playing around with for the last few months - I am not too worried, I know I will get to my goal eventually.

Stay strong!

Hallie said...

It's too soon for your husband to start weighing in negatively on this expensive and demanding lapband. Give him a timeline - say "Only say positive and encouraging things about this lapband to me for the next 3 months. If after 3 months you still have doubts, you may feel free to express them. But your positive support and encourangement are essential to me during this time." Tell him I said to tell you this.

I still excessive exercise hinders health and healthy weight loss. Just speaking from my own personal experience. And get plenty of sleep. And congrats on the scale reading!

susieq4givn said...

I get banded next week, but I have read enough blogs & material now to know that sometimes it takes awhile for the scale to move. Keep eating right, keep exercising & getting your water in and it will happen! Believe in yourself! and tell your hubby if he doesn't have anything nice to say, to not say anything at all! Ha! Good luck!

From Fat to Fit said...

That's a bummer that you aren't getting the support you need. I get that it can be hard for others to really get the entireness of the band and its working though, although that doesn't excuse their comments. I hope that a little extra band education on their part will make things easier. My boyfriend came with me to the band seminars and nutrition classes and asked more questions than the people who were actually getting banded. I know appreciate that so much because he has a better understanding of what I am going through. Sounds like you are losing at a good pace. :)

Anonymous said...

NO ONE has the right to speak to you like that, this is your journey and it will go at your speed!! I am soo sorry that your are getting negative feedback from your husband. I agree with Tiffani, maybe he just needs to understand that the band is a slow process.

Keep up the good work...and just keep beliving that you will reach your goal, be WE ALL BELIVE IN YOU!

Catherine55 said...

Sorry to hear about the negative feedback! I agree with Tiffani on educating your hubby. If he isn't expecting more than 1-2 lbs/week, he'll probably be more normal about it. Remind him that over 55 weeks in a year, that's a lot of LBs. . (so shut the H up, DH!) :)

Maybe stop talking about your frustrations to your mom as well, at least until she gets around to being more supportive (or listening when you speak. .).

Weight loss with the band doesn't happen overnight, but those pounds will add up to a lot soon. Good job on the exercising! Sounds like you're doing everything right.


momma2fi said...

I agree with what peeps are saying here. But considering that you don't a have a name for your band yet (neither do I), and given your peenie analogy for your husband, I'm thinking that you should name your band teenie weenie. It would have a dual purpose: that you ARE going to get teenie, and that those people who don't support you have teenie weenie brains!

Congrats on the weight loss - show that body who is boss!

Hopeful said...

I'm sorry that you're not seeing the progress you had hoped for, but you are seeing some progress!

Does your surgical office have a support group or other support options available to you? Perhaps you would find that type of support some assistance since you're not getting it from your family. Please know that at the very least, you have support here! I'm rooting for you Lynn!

Greta said...

14+ pounds in a month is awesome. You are doing great. Next time he complains....suggest you go on a nice long walk together. :)

Nawlinz Lady (Dee) said...

I need visuals of my weightloss. When I lost 10lbs, I bought a 10lb of potato's and left in plain sight and when I make 20 lbs, I will find something that weighs 20 lbs and do the same. As for your husband, some men start feeling insecure and jealous when their wives lost weight.

meandmygizmo said...

Nobody but us bandster types know what you are going through ~ your husband has no clue for sure so ignore him. (me bad?!) I only mean to ignore his comments. I have to bite my tongue a lot sometimes to ignore "chew", "is that on your diet", "you should just let that bite melt in your mouth" ~ I don't need someone to remind me of such things ~ I'm sure he is trying to be helpful BUT... it's just irritating to me!

Now as for the rate of weight loss..I only did liquids for 3 days prior to surgery, the weight is coming off slowly but surely but ya know I'm eating, drinking and enjoying life ~ I am not as strict on myself as I could be ~ I do not deny myself of foods I like ~ I am eating less and exercising when I can. The gizmo is working and I am happy to have it. If I wanted drastic weight loss I'd stick to diet foods only, not drink any wine, and not have a chocolate square before bed..but I want to live and enjoy food, wine and life! ;-)

Angi said...

Sounds like your husband is a jerk. I agree with the whole re-education thing. He obviously doesn't know enough about it. You can show him my blog if you like. I had my surgery in June and I'm at almost 60 lbs down at this point. And the only thing I've done besides the band was exercise 1/2 hour or more per day (6 days/week). That's it.