Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ham Hocks, Waves and Butts

I sneaked away the other day long enough to pick up some badly needed groceries. After being trapped inside the house for six days, we had no food! (Which could be a good thing for me- but not so much for my boys!)

While I was standing at the deli ordering some meat and cheese, I couldn't help but notice an 18 pound ham hock. Good grief, that thing was huge! I couldn't believe I had lost an equivalent, and then some, to this HUGE slab of meat and bone. Just crazy. And, equally as crazy is that I have about 6 more of them to go! I need to take a picture of it the next time I go to the store.

I picked up some avocado, sprouts and sliced chicken for sandwiches and I decided to grab some of the recently advertised Arnold's 100 calorie multi-grain, thin slice sandwich bread. So today for lunch, I piled avocado, sprouts and chicken onto the bread and it was to die for! I must have ooohed and aaaahed after ever bite and surely drove my husband crazy. It's my new favorite lunch. Mmmmmmmmm. It felt good to have a healthy and yummy lunch after all we have been going through with illness with my three year old. I have been craving nothing but crap!

Switching noodles here-
This morning while cuddling with my boys, my oldest decided it would be fun to "kick" my leg. After his initial kick he curiously asked, "Mommy, what's inside your leg?". Laughter ensued when he realized that Mommy had waves under her skin. SO NOT FUNNY! Sigh.


When I was looking back at my pre-op pictures, I had scrolled down far enough to get a wide view of my rear view. That was it, nothing but my big'ole bah-dunk-a-dunk was visible and my soon-to-be two year old excitedly proclaimed, "It's Mommy!". Uh, that obvious huh.

I am looking forward to the day when my legs don't remind my boys of the ocean and when my butt is easily confused with the butts of others.

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Kinzie said...

It sounds like everyone is feeling a little better anyway. I love avocado especially on a chicken or turkey sandwhich or salad.