Friday, June 4, 2010

Poo-Poo Guy

My husband has a friend who weighs about 320 lbs. or so. We've always gotten a chuckle out of the fact that my son has often times referred to him as a "tough guy". And of course by "tough" he means large.

I guess he thinks that overweight people are "strong" and "tough". He has NEVER used the words big or fat- because I haven't taught those to him- so he has defaulted to the only way he knows how to describe what he sees.

Today at the mall a very overweight woman walked by and my son hollered, "Look at that lady Mommy! She's super tough!". I hope that she didn't hear him, oh how I hope.

Now, my son has also referred to me in the past as being "tough". After he pointed out the passerby, I asked him, "Is Mommy a tough lady?" and he said "No". Hallelujah! My four year old no longer things I'm large compared to the "normal" world.

I have always been worried about being an embarrassment to my boys when they were old enough to understand. Thank GOD I am traveling down a different path.

What's up with the title of this post you ask? Well, last night while my two year old enjoyed swinging at the playground, he screamed out "Hi poo-poo guy!". Who had he screamed at? No other than an African-American boy playing on the other side of the playground. I WAS MORTIFIED. It was the perfect time to make sure he is aware of the fact that there are differences between all people. *SIGH*

Kids say the darnedest things.


Alexis said...

Kid's do say the darnedest things! One of my favorite stories about my husband from when he was little is when he was in the shopping cart with him mom at the checkout line. Jeff was like 3 or 4 and pointed at the man behind them and was like "mom -- what's that?!" was an African American man standing right behind them! my MIL was mortified and started learning the importance of educating kids early!

Drazil said...

Oh God - my kids would have said he was chocolate. Kids!

Natalia said...

Oh yeah! My son was told me that this woman had a big nose, right in front of the lady! He didn't mean it in a bad way, just making an observation! YIKES! Yeah we had to have a talk after that!

Liz - Lizzle - Libby Lou said...

Oh yeah, all Mommy's deal with these situations and it's just important to do with you did. Stop down and explain there are all different types and colors of people! I'm sure you did just fine!!! Most adults know young children are just like that, depends on the kids age, and they wouldnt' be too offended.

Girl Bandit said...

Very funny but at the same time embarrassing....I am sure you will get the poo poo sorted but I love that your boys don't say fat!!!

Tiffani said...

My kiddo once called a dark-skinned man with long black hair "Pocahontas" -- thankfully she couldn't speak clearly yet!

Laura said...

That's awesome that you could comfortable get onto the carousel! A few years ago, I was going on the swings with my little brother, and the second I finally wedged my butt into the chair, I popped back out and told him I couldn't do it, and refunded my tickets. Someday, I'll be able to go on the swings again!