Sunday, February 28, 2010

FINALLY Some Movement

I've been at a plateau for so long now, I just have to post this number. I am hoping to post a #50 soon!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Rules, Schmools

Okay, so as any bandster knows, being a bandster comes with a set of "Golden Rules". I was laying in bad last night annoyed that I couldn't get any water down. I am very swollen from my fill on Thursday AND from trying to eat mushies yesterday when I was only supposed to have liquids.

So, here I am laying in bed worried about not being able to rinse out my pouch with a full 8 oz of water, when all day yesterday I repeatedly "broke" rules!!! It seems with me that some rules hold more clout than others. I usually drink with meals...I usually eat after a fill...I don't do 24 hours of liquids if I've thrown up...etc. But for some reason, I was so upset about not being able to drink my water last night! Go figure. My THS is in full effect once again. Rules exist for a reason.

So- here is my question for all of you: What one Golden Rule do you ALWAYS try to follow?

Monday, February 22, 2010

NSV #731

As my journey continues, I have been racking up the NSVs (non-scale victory). Unfortunately, as soon as I realize them- they seem to slip my mind. One that has not left me is that fact that I no longer have to move the weight to the 250+ mark on the scale. While at my midwives' office the other day, I had to start off with the weight on 200!!!

Little steps, little steps.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Think Poopy Thoughts Everyone

Here is a visual to aid in your meditation:

I LOVE My Band

After struggling ALL day to preserve any bit of control I could muster- I decided to blow it. When my husband got home from work tonight, he teased about wanting McD's. I was ALL over it. Keys in hand I took orders and flew out the door.

I decided on the way there I was going to go all out and splurge big time all the while promising myself tomorrow would be better. It took me about ten minutes to get there and I spent most of that time writing this post- writing a post about how I blew it, how I disgraced myself, how much I ate....etc.

I ordered TWO Mac Wraps for myself and looked forward to sharing my husband's fries. Once I got home I opened the white paper bag of disgusting-ness and dug in. Weeeeeeee-ell, my plans were foiled. After only two or three bites of my wrap I was full. FULL. Two or three bites! FULL.

Reality check- smack in the face. Get a grip Lynn!


Monday, February 8, 2010

It's Not Just the "Fluffies"

It's not just us "fluffies" or former "fluffies" who have/had a problem with self-constraint. SURPRISE!!! I was watching the Wednesday night comedy line-up recently and couldn't help but notice a theme to two of the shows.

The Middle is a hilarious show about a stressed out mother of three struggling to make her job and household work. During the last episode she vowed to never scream at her children again. So, when she got horribly worked up and wanted to scream, she thought, "That's okay, I can handle this. I know just what to do". She proceeded to march straight into the kitchen, opened up the pantry and started squeezing frosting directly into her mouth from the tube. Frosting always made things all better.

After The Middle, I watched The Modern Family (another hilarious show). During that show the mother is upset by her family embarrassing the snot out of her while she was trying to impress a former co-worker. What did she do? She screamed at her family, marched out the door and went straight to a burger joint where she enjoyed a burger and fries. Coincidence? I think not.

We all want to self-medicate from time to time. Like me lately- I have been medicating with candy bars because of our recent money woes. I just wish I could get it through my THS that eating doesn't help with anything expect stretching out my new smaller undies!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Quick, Call the Food Police...

...Because what I just ate ought to be a crime. Someone Pah-Leeze call all the grocery and drug stores in the state of North Carolina and ask that they no longer carry these. They must be stopped!!!

I just discovered this new little trick that Satan has up his sleeve. Stay away everybody, don't get sucked in! I won't sit here and tell you how wonderfully sinful every-single, delicious, to-die-for bite was. No, no. I wouldn't do that.

Instead, this is a public service announcement: When you see these at the check-out, run and run fast. If you find yourself being lured into a purchase, by the sumptuous whispers of the platinum sparkle of the wrapper, call for help.