Thursday, November 26, 2009

100 pounds to Go!

Today is the day folks. The day where we either stuff our faces and die of guilt for weeks to come why we try to burn off our celebration, or the day where we can enjoy small portions, blessings and family.

I plan on the latter.

I woke up to wonderful news this morning....25 pounds down! So, I would love to keep it that way.

AND....drum roll please.......

After finally discussing my little "problem" with my husband last night, we frolicked and voila....AHHHH-CHOOOOOO!!! Yup, I sneezed! Whoo-hoo.

If you are confused by this, read my last post. :)


Monday, November 23, 2009

Effects of Effexor

Well, this is going to be one of my first real candid, gone way too far, provided way too much information, make you blush post. So, sit back, open up your mind and let me know if you can relate.

I have been on Effexor now for about four months. However, I recently discovered that I have been taking the generic form, which is fine, but the generic is not a slow release. When I was taking it, it was dumping into my system too quickly and making me feel like I was going to die (headache, dizzy, sweats, nausea)... literally. But, I had gotten used to it. I happened to mention how awful it makes me feel while I was at my doctor for a sore throat last week, and he switched me to the REAL Effexor which is slow release.

Weeeeeee-eeeelll, there has been a not so nice side effect since I started taking the real stuff. Lately, when my hubby and I "frolic", I have been having a problem with the "CHOO" part. As in a sneeze with an aaahhhh, Ahhhhhh, but no AHHHHH CHOO! if you catch my drift. It's so frustrating!

Have any of you experienced a similar side effect? Did it subside?

Friday, November 20, 2009

Hold The Phone....

It's NEW MOON Friday! (Insert high-pitched squeal here.)

At long-last...we meet again my dearest Edward.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Tourettes Syndrome Moment

You know those moments in a movie when you can't believe that the movie just took that kind of turn, only to find out that the actor was imagining a tourette like outburst, but it didn't really happen? Well, I can't help but notice that whenever I am around a person/group of people that I do not wish to know about my surgery, I flirt with the idea of just screaming out "I had Lap-Band surgery!". Then I snap back into reality. Anyone else flirt with disaster?

Anyone? Anyone?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fill'er Up.....or Not

I went in for my third fill yesterday. But after reviewing my "case", my surgeon's PA decided that I wouldn't be getting a fill. His reason? I had lost too much weight. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Seriously? Too much!? He wanted to see around 2-6 pounds in a month, but I had lost 10 according to their scales, so no fill for me because he feels I am obviously working the band properly and don't need more restriction.

I do have to say that I seem to be getting stuck a lot and having to run to the bathroom for quite a bit of PB'ing lately. Do any of you notice that your restriction changes from day to day?

Sometimes I can eat anything and other days I can't even think about eating something that isn't the consistency of mashed potatoes. It's just weird.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Back From the Beach

Hey everyone!!! I got back from the beach just a few hours ago, and boy do I need to make a few confessions.

My friend and I ate like food was going out of style. It was pretty bad. Reese's Cups, Butterfingers, Dr. Peppers, cake, Whoppers, doughnuts...and I don't even like sweet foods! Ugh. My body is probably going to be sooooo sore and stiff for the next few days until all the poison is cleansed.

I am going to go and workout and hopefully burn off at least ONE doughnut. I feel like such an idiot! The only good news is that I got overeating out of my system for quite a long time. I never did tell my friend about me being banded, but she did tell me she was worried about me because I wasn't eating us much as I normally do at meals. HA! Funny.

I will update with a post tomorrow to divulge my rebellious weight gain.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

101 To Go

After feeling a loss coming today, I searched for the perfect number "23". But, upon stepping on the scale this morning, I was surprised to find out that I should have been looking for a "24"!!!

I can't wait until I have less than 100 to lose. I am afraid that that might be a while, however, since I have a beach trip planned for this weekend. The plan is to stick to eating right, but I probably won't get any exercise in.

On another note, I took my boys to a play space full of bouncy houses the other day. Now, the last time I went, I left my shoes on and watched my boys struggle to surmount the obstacles because there was now way in HE!! that I was going to put my fluffy self onto one of those things and embarrass the snot out of myself in front of all of the skinny Moms. BUT, this time I threw off my shoes and had a blast with the boys. I am tired of waiting to live my life. And I didn't worry for two seconds what anyone thought of me, it was great. Let me tell you, those slides are scary!

Have a GREAT day everyone!!!

Small shout out for poor little pound 23.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Another One Down, 103 To Go

Whoo-hoo! Number 22!

I was afraid that the scale wouldn't be so kind to me this morning after munching on my boys' Halloween goodies, but after my 65 minute workout on the elliptical last night, I was sweetly rewarded.

My resistance muscle is growing stronger and stronger everyday and eating better is getting easier. I was at Starbucks with a few friends late one night, and they were giving away all of their goodies. I had my eye on a slice of lemon pound cake and I wanted it SO bad. So, I hatched a plan. I asked for that and one other piece of pound cake and requested that they cut them into multiple little squares for us. They happily obliged and I was able to enjoy ONE little square and stop there. It was so yummy!

I also had another NSV the other morning. About a month ago, I went out to eat with a friend and wore a pair of 20 jeans that were WAY too tight. After laying down on the floor to button them, I wore them hoping that I wouldn't be able to eat much. When I tried the same jeans on a few days ago- they were too big! Amazing.

After being "fluffy" (thanks Amy for that very politically correct word) for all of my adult life, I am still having a hard time accepting my inner diva starting to emerge. I am hoping that I don't sabotage myself due to some perverse fear of finally being happy.