Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Apples & Oranges & Pears Oh My!

So- I have been thinking. I know, dangerous. I've been thinking about my body and any excess skin I might have once I reach my goal weight.

I remember watching The Biggest Loser a few seasons ago and there was a young girl about my age that lost around the same I have to lose. I noticed that when she had lost her weight she didn't have any "visible" excess skin. Her arms were nice, toned and tight looking. I pinned my hopes on her arms being nice because her skin bounced back well due to her age.

I am quickly learning age has NOTHING to do with it. After examining my legs closely the other night, I noticed that I have wrinkling skin right at the nook of my knee bend. Not a good sign.

I am one of those people you would consider- um.... how do I say this... "proportional", meaning that when I gain, I gain EVERYWHERE. Not just my tummy or my rear, even my elbows store fat.

The girl from Biggest Loser was what most would consider an "apple". She stored most of her weight around her mid-section leaving her arms and legs relatively unscathed by her obesity. SO, when she lost weight, her excess skin was around her mid-section that was well hidden and her legs and arms looked fantastic!

That is NOT going to be me. I am going to have half the Atlantic Ocean worth of waves and ripples going down my legs and my arms are going to occupy a different altitude than my head. Weight loss is one of those times that it pays to be an apple or pear, but not proportional.

With that said... I know it is SO much better to have that extra skin all flabby and floppy than it to be stretched to maximum capacity with fat, but still. After working so hard, I may have to consider some plastic surgery, something that I would never have wanted to think about before. O'well.

A whole new perspective on body shape, huh!?

Saturday, September 25, 2010

I Couldn't Make This Up

Okay, this seriously happened. I was driving home with my boys this morning from my oldest's soccer practice. I happened to look to my right and guess who was sitting at the red light next to me!?

The ice cream nazi!!! Seriously.

She smiled and waved, rolled down her window and asked, "see you later today?".

I replied, "No, I don't like you anymore!".

It sounded harsh, but I was just kidding. Well, kind of. ;)

I told her that I can only come once a week and that I had to start limiting myself. So, knowing her, she'll hold me accountable. You can always count on the ice cream nazis!!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Oh. Oh. Someone Please Shoot Me Now


If you haven't read my last post, go read that now and then come back to this one.

Ahhhhhh...... the ice cream. I decided to heed all of your excellent advice and treat myself once a week to a small portion of my favorite goody. The ice cream I love comes in three sizes: mini, regular and jumbo.

Fast forward to this evening- my husband wanted to grab dinner real quick, and after-wards he wanted ice cream. So on we went. I decided that I would start my once weekly treat tonight and therefore not allow myself to go back before next Thursday.

Guy at ice cream counter -"What can I get for you?"
Me- "One mini mint chocolate chip concrete please"
Ice cream Nazi in the background- "What!? Only a mini? Not a jumbo?"
Me- (Trying to cover my a$$ in front of my husband) "No, I don't have my boys with me tonight, it's just me eating it" (which is the truth, but still!)
Ice cream Nazi- "One mini mint chocolate chip concrete!"
Me- "Thanks!"
Ice cream Nazi- "See you tomorrow!"

No she did-ent.

Just shoot me.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


.... do you think it's a bad sign when:

a. I went to my favorite ice cream shop today.
b. The lady spouted out my order before I could
c. She said, "We'll see you tomorrow afternoon!"

Yup, bad sign. Very, very bad sign.

I WILL NOT go tomorrow afternoon. Or tomorrow morning or tomorrow evening for that matter. I WILL NOT. I WILL NOT. I WILL NOT.

I am making a promise to you all, because I don't normally keep promises to myself.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

"SCREAM!!!!" >0


I am a stay at home Mommy. I have two young boys. I get up with them around 7:00am and they finally fall asleep around 9:30pm. I get up anywhere between 1-4 times a night with the boys for various reasons: potty, thirsty, nightmares, sick...etc.

I do not have the luxury of coming home "from work" to relax. EVER. My job never ends.

I swear, if my husband dares to drop the "You do it, I just got home from work, I'm tired" line on me ONE MORE TIME I am going to:

a. shave off ALL his hair- ALL of it
b. draw up divorce papers
c. hit him on the head with a frying pan
d. blow something up

Dear GOD, help me, I think I might burst!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hi Everybody!

I'm still here. I know I have been the world's absolute worst blogger lately, but I oscillate between being too busy to blog and having nothing to say.

My life has been pretty boring lately- same'old, same'old.

I haven't been to see my doctor in about six months, so I am thinking it might be time to schedule an appt. I just HATE going into my surgeon's office! I wait in the waiting room for an hour or more, then I wait in the exam room for another 45 minutes and then they talk with me for a grand total of 5 minutes! So, after spending almost two whole hours to tell them I am fine, I kind of leave feeling like I won't ever go back.

Amy has said that one of the most important parts of this journey, and a bandster's success, falls greatly on your relationship with your surgeon. I wholeheartedly agree with her about this. I need to call up my surgeon's office and ask who their biggest competitor is. Then, I will call that competitor and schedule an appointment to see THEM! :) Just a thought. Hmmmmm, I may really do that. Oh! And what REALLY gets me is when I get my EOB, I find out that they charged me for a 99214 which is a COMPLETE exam including history for $550!!! Really? A 99214 for 5 minutes of your time? Someone needs to alert BCBS, because they are getting ripped off!

I haven't lost any weight in a while. I am at one of the worst plateaus I have ever been at. But, I plan to hang in here. I refuse to give up and start putting weight back on. It is my TOM, and even my ankles/feet are swollen, so my hormones are super wacky right now. The lowest I saw was 222 RIGHT before and now I am seeing 226! Ouch! No more scale for me for a while, no sir. Too depressing. At least I am still running 3-4 nights a week. That is about all my poor hip can take.

I really have nothing exciting to report, so I am going to sign off for now and go to bed. I promise when there is something wonderfully exciting that happens, you will all be the first to know!

Hope you are all doing great!