Monday, May 4, 2009

Solo From Sodium

Well, today will mark my fourth day without adding extra salt to my food. For YEARS, I have dosed my food with salt to the point where my husband would tell me it looks like it had snowed on top of my food.

I decided Thursday, enough was enough. I placed all of our salt in a grocery bag and told my husband to hide it. I have always heard that it takes at least two weeks for your taste buds to reset, but let me tell'ya- I was noticing a HUGE difference on day two.

Not only have I lost 3 pounds already, but for the first time in as long as I can remember, I actually taste my food! I enjoyed a salad the other day and my brain went crazy- there were black olives to taste, onions, cabbage and carrots even the lettuce! I usually only taste really salty-salted dressing and every bite tastes the same.

I have noticed that my food cravings have depleted dramatically, and my consumption at meals has also been reduced. It's almost like my brain is finally receiving enough feedback and feeling satiety for the first time. Instead of one flavor -salty- I am experiencing a whole new phenomenon of tasting hundreds of flavors at every meal.

I was talking to my dear friend Kate earlier, and it all makes sense. It's kind of like sugar- the more sugar you have- the more you want. Why wouldn't salt be the same way? If you have a bowl of sour strawberries, with no sugar, you probably won't eat too many. BUT, if those sour strawberries are smothered in white, sugary goodness, you are probably going to eat them all...and probably want more! It's the same way for me with salt.


Mrs. Dawkter said...

Good for you - that takes quite some discipline!

Amy W. said...

I have started to cut back as well. I dont salt my food as much as I just like salty foods (chips, frozen meals, etc). It does make a difference in weight loss...for one thing salt makes you retain water like a mother!

MargieAnne said...

Oh I wish my husband would read this.

Congratulations on making such a huge change and enjoying it.

SeaShore said...

Now you will notice how processed foods have little flavour other than salt, especially "seasoning" packets! The amount of sodium in processed foods and restaurant meals is obscene.

Pheonix said...

Yay for you! That's awesome, cutting back on the salt is a surefire way towards being healthier! Your body needs a little salt, but you get enough of that in most foods naturally!

I don't add a lot of salt to my food anymore either, but when I do add it into my cooking and such, I opt for sea salt, as it's REAL salt, in it's natural state and hasn't been processed with chemicals. :) Plus it's just fun grinding it up like pepper! LOL!

Dr Wednesday said...

This post has given me.... much to think about!

I proudly salt my food "snowy" (like a smoker proudly lights one up?) It seems similar to me in that I am wildly addicted. It never occurred to me it was similar to sugar addiction at all!!

Hey- I think we all agree (at least most of us) that many of those 100 calorie packs just make you hungrier- wonder if it is the sodio (my loving nickname for salt) is the culprit?

carla said...

I tried this once for a medical reason and thought when i went back to add it in Id loathe the taste of all the extra salt!

alas, no.
I am right back up to where I was.
salt is my nemesis.

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carla said...

maaaaaaaaan, again I know youre right.
and I know for me salt eating begets more wanting to salt eat.

but Im not there yet with tapering off.


Natalia said...

Hey Lynn, Good for you! I need to do the same thing. I've been noticing a LOT of bloating! Not enough water and too much salt!