Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Why do I have such a compulsion to keep checking my emails and Facebook? What am I expecting to happen? I think I am losing my mind. Hey! - at least I am not eating! :)


Sunshine's Heart said...

I'm doing the same thing and I've already had surgery. I've taken up virtual farming on Facebook. A game called Farmville that I'm now addicted to. Very calming and relaxing and have no time to think about food. Be happy to add you as a friend.
Karen Butler Ogle on facebook

Angi said...

I check my FB and MySp almost compulsively all day too. lol I don't know why. I just hate getting behind on updates. lol - so OCD.

Lady Downsize! said...

My issue is e-mail and telephone messages, although there are hardly any of either... I was just asking myself this morning why I keep doing that!