Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Do You Have $20,100 I Can Borrow?

I got in touch with my local bariatric surgeon's office today and discussed briefly what the fee schedule would be for a cash-pay patient for the Lap-band procedure. Hoping for a reduced rate, compared to what they might charge health insurance companies, I held my breath waiting for the information.

Here is the breakdown:

Surgeon: $5,000 (not bad, not bad...I can swing this...breathe)
Anesthesiologist: $1,600 (ouch, okay...we can do this...breathe)
Hospital fee: $13,500 (ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!? GASP)
Grand Total: $20,100

Why on earth would the hospital be so darn expensive? Even if the surgeon had reduced rates, the hospital doesn't give a fart and won't budge an inch. The lady at the surgeon's office told me that they have made special requests in the past only to be denied.

What irritates me majorly about this is the fact that IF my BCBS DID pay for such a procedure, the hospital would be lucky to see $3,000 of it once the contracted rate had been paid. Why are cash paying patients punished!? I hate it! You think I could march in there and say, " Look, BCBS would only pay you $3,000, BUT it's your lucky day because I am willing to pay you $3,500 if you are interested". Unfortunately, it just doesn't work that way.

Mexico anyone? I never did go on a Spring Break fling.


lori said...

Mexico, absolutely. I'm having my surgery done by Dr. Ortiz. I've been to his beautiful clinic and met him and his staff. It's just wonderful. In addition, when you do it in Mexico, you'll spend the night under medical care, unlike the outpatient procedures in the US.

Dr. Ortiz was one of the first doctors to do Lap Bands, and has personally done over 6000 procedures. If you look on his site, you'll see several US physicians who have come to him for their procedures as well.

His patients love him and over 50% of them fly to Mexico for him to the fills. Considering how much easier it would be to get it done locally, that says quite a bit.

He's smart, he's personable and he gives all of his patients his mobile phone number so that they can get a hold of him. You should definitely consider him.

Mary said...

BCBS Wont cover your surgery? I have BCBS and they didnt have a problem covering mine. I did have to meet alot of the requirements in the process of getting it and it took almost 1 year for me to go thru all the loops but they approved it when It was time.

Catherine55 said...

I had my surgery done in Monterrey, Mexico with Dr. Rumbaut, and had a great experience. The whole thing, including airfare for myself and my mother, private car tour of Monterrey (was for fun), surgery and pre-op testing cost under $10K.

Dr. Rumbaut is banded and has done more than 6K procedures, too. Also, you may have seen photos in my bio -- the hospital is gorgeous and the level of care was fantastic.

Here is a link to Dr. Rumbaut's site. It's probably worth a call to his office to get info -- Cathy is the person I spoke with the most. She was banded by Rumbaut as well and was a huge help to me.



Hallie said...

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