Thursday, July 30, 2009

More to Judge

Oh, I mean Love. Okay, I finally watched the dvr'd premiere of More to Love. Hmmmmm, where to start, where to start. I have such mixed emotions. Notice how the same guy who created ABC's Bachelor created this show, but only FOX could be talked into airing it? Interesting.

So first of all, when all of the skinny-minnie size 4 models/cheerleaders show up to star on ABC's Bachelor, their height and weight isn't displayed for all to see. I mean, seriously!? Seriously!? Who in the he!! thought of that one? Those poor girls. The viewers can plainly judge for themselves who might weigh DOESN'T MATTER who weighs 170 and who weighs 278. Isn't the whole show supposed to be about how size doesn't matter? But yet, the Bachelor keeps talking about how he likes large/curvy women. So, should all the skinny girls be upset about the biased casting for THIS show? I know that is far fetched, but why can't shows like this cast a variety ( just like real life folks) of sizes?

THEN, you have the Bachelor...what's his name....Luke? Who talks like he is in some kind of Dr. Phil therapy session with all of the girls. So, when he tells a girl how beautful she is and how any guy would be lucky to have her, is she supposed to feel all warm and fuzzy inside when he sends her packing? Most (if not all) of the girls have stated that this is their "last ditch effort" to find love, their last chance. How sad. The show doesn't show impowered, strong woman. It focuses on an almost desperate side of how miserable the ladies are, further establishing the "poor fat girl" theme. They're always crying in the confession segments!!! I might tune in again to see if the theme changes, but for now I feel that the show is nothing but blatant exploitation set out to stomp on the hearts of 19 poor woman.

I wonder how many frat houses all over the country tune-in just for the night's entertainment?

Oh, my gosh! I almost forgot. How about the fact that not only did they serve food, but they showed the girls eating? They have NEVER shown, or served for that matter, food at the socials on ABC's the Bachelor. What's next, their "fantasy dates" at McDonalds? I can't believe Emme is okay with how the show turned out. Let's hope it gets better.


Tiffani said...

YES!!! They showed the one girl saying something about how she loves meat on sticks!!! And her dangling it above her face before she ate it. WHAT THE HELL!!!!????

We (hubby and I) said the same thing about the height and weight being displayed. It's not on the "regular" bachelor shows. Ugh.. disgusting. I was critiquing it the whole time.

Good post!

Amy said...

I wasnt bothered my the statistics...I figured it was par for the course bc clearly this show wasnt about people being equal but about how fat girls last chance is an equally fat guy. I thought I liked Luke, until he started asking everyone for kisses. Gross.

What really disturbed me about the show was my own vanity! When the girls got out of the limo (before we knew their weight) I would think...oh yeah, she is WAY fatter than me....and then it would show her weight and she would weigh 50 pounds less! Good lord...I wonder what I would look like on tv weighing 243! And for real. If you are 6 foot and weigh 197...fat you are not!

Bandita Senorita said...

I didn't see it, but that sounds so sad. I probably would've cried like some of the girls if I'd have watched it. I hope all of those girls find someone special!

Nina said...

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Liz - Lizzle - Libby Lou said...

Ohhhhhh my god! I avoided the show b/c the commercials were insulting. Now to hear they displayed their weights???? WTF? I totally agree with you, so rude. I didn't want to watch it b/c I am a "cury" chick who likes fit men. I do not like fat men. I understand it's rude but I do go for stocky, just not chubby. But that is also why I settle for periods of singleland, b/c I'm picky. I wouldn't date that guy. Those poor girls!

Lady Downsize! said...

I am right there with you. I was actually digusted by the POV (point of view) for this show. To me it seemed like they cast women to portray them as deperate because they are ignored among all the skinny friends in the world, and that they were awkwardly desparate between, "Can I give you a kiss?" and "my last ditch effort". Then after all the introductions, they were so quick to show them amongst a variety of foods eating. Plus, the man, he just didn't seem genuine to me. Maybe this doesn't match other's opinions, but when men are over weight, at least the ones I know who are bigger than him, going out with girls is not as difficult, because quite often they are referred to as big Teddy Bears. Totally different POV for plus sized women. Like I said, others may not agree with that, but just sharing my experience.

I doubt very much I will watch it again, but may for the same purpose you said - to see if the presentation has changed. If you compare the first show and itros to previous episodes of Bachelorette, there was far too much focus on physical and emotional attributes in More to Love. If the producer is trying to portray a level of understanding into the life of overweight women, they aren't doing a very good job...they are making plus sized women sound desperate.