Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Husband is so Cute...

Tonight at dinner, my husband looked at me and said something very cute, but I couldn't understand him at first because the restaurant was noisy.

Hubby: So, when the van is paying....
Me: WHAT!?
Hubby: So, when the band is praying...
Me: WHAT!? I CAN'T hear you! Our van is praying?!
Hubby: (poor guy) When. your. band. is. playing...what will you eat when we come here?
Me: When my band is playing? Is that going to be your code for when I am banded?
Hubby: Yes.

I love him.

On another note, I contacted a surgery center in Monterrey, Mexico following several wonderful referrals to Dr. Rumbaut. I was so impressed with his US contact, Cathy, that I was all prepared to schedule my surgery, apply for my passport and arrange airfare. However, my husband asked for me to call BCBS ONE more time and talk to them about our policy covering it.

And guess what? They DO cover the procedure. Now, how stupid do I feel? We will still have to pay quite a bit out of pocket because our plan is not that wonderful, but it is still better than $21,000!!! My fear now is that we will have to wait for a year or two while jumping through a bunch of hoops to satisfy BCBS all the while paying obscene rates which will eventually pay for the surgery anyways!

If I went to Mexico, $7,900 would cover everything and the surgery could take place as soon as I am ready. Like now. But here in the US, I have heard that it takes substantially longer. So, I am waiting to hear back from my local surgeon after they have worked a bit with my insurance.

I am starting to feel extremely anxious. But, my husband has been uber supportive which is just wonderful. There is nothing worse than trying to make a life changing decision and your loved one not being on board.

Now all I have to do is mentally prepare myself for if the time comes that I have to tell my parents that their "little girl" is traveling to MEXICO for surgery!


Bandita Senorita said...

I understand what you mean about telling people about traveling to MX. Even though I've only disclosed my Mexican banding to two people, it was very difficult to let them know...what with all the surgery horror stories they tell about on TV (surgeries in people's homes with unsanitary instruments, etc.).

But I had Rumbaut too. I really thought the hospital was great (probably the best I've ever seen). It was definitely a far cry from anything I saw on TV. The staff and doctors were available, approachable, and gave thorough answers and advice. I have even had some post-op questions, and I've gotten immediate responses. It sounds like I work for them. :)

But whether in MX or by your being covered by BCBS, it will all fall into place. And hopefully the decision will become easy depending on what BCBS says! :)

Brooke said...

Yeah! so glad you are closer to making a decision that feels right for you.

And thanks for your comment at my blog. It meant a lot.

I'm excited for you, here's to hoping the process is quick!

Fat Daddy said...

Such a life changing decision. It is so good to have your husbands support. Whether in the states on down South, I wish you luck.

Amy said...

Look at that! Think positive! That is awesome about Mexico and even better about your insurance! I will be eager to hear what you are required to do for BCBS!

I am proud of you Lynn!

lori said...

Rumbaut has plenty of medical professionals who come to him for surgery from the US. There is nothing to worry about. But I can tell you that a lot of people don't disclose to their families where they are going so that they do not have to listen to the horror stories.

Lots of the staff speaks English, there are no goats in the hallway and the place is immaculately clean. You'll be in and out of surgery in 20 minutes.

A lot of people do go to Mexico when their health insurance makes them jump through to many hoops which is, of course, half the reason the insurance companies do it.

Congratulations on your decision.

Crzytchr said...

Have you heard back from BCBS, yet? It all depends on your employer. I had BCBS LA, and approval was almost instant. From my first phone call until surgery was about a month. Have the surgeon's office find out what hoops you have to jump through. Normally you have to give a 5 year weight history (can be obtained from your ob/gyn visits) and a diet history. Good luck and congratulations on your decision to be banded. I have not regretted it for a moment!