Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lawn Chairs and Breastmilk

Now, how's that for a post title?!

Yesterday the boys and I were invited to a "pool party". One of my friends had a few other gals and our kiddos come over for sprinkler fun in her back yard. While I was getting the boys ready to leave, a thought hit me like a thunderbolt. "Oh no! She is probably going to have folding lawn chairs to sit on!". Unfortunately, my fears came true. Once we got there I couldn't help but notice four strategically placed lawn chairs that donned seating areas about 14 inches wide made out of weathered fabric. Oh good, not only are they small, but the fabric is already all dry rotted! Let's see, let's see..... hmmmmm..... how am I going to avoid sitting down? All of the other ladies were already sitting down next to one another enjoying conversation when one of them dropped the bomb, "Sit down right here and come chat with us". Great, so now if I don't sit down it's because I don't want to "chat".

Thinking like a stressed out Mommy (that isn't hard to do), I quickly told them that I wasn't even going to bother sitting down because as soon as I did, one of the boys would need me. So, I might as well just stand up and prepare myself to run around. Did they buy it? Maybe. Maybe not. But I got some weird expressions. To top it off, one of the gals who probably weighs around 110, announced that she felt like her chair was going to break. Ha!

Switching noodles-
On my way home I decided to go ahead and pick up the prescription for my new anti-depressant. My best friend so kindly convinced me that I was worth the $60. Before my doctor's office called it in, they told me that it should be just fine to continue nursing my one year old off and on while taking this medication. So, I forked over the $60 and read the patient information sheet once I got home. And there it was. In BIG, BOLD letters: DO NOT BREASTFEED WHILE TAKING THIS MEDICATION. Oh great. Thanks Doc! Men.


Amy said...

You should have taken your own chair! Next time come armed...or should I say come seated? Anywhooo...I didnt even know they made those kind they must have been old! Well played.

mamawood said...

i still have my "OMG i need a folding chair for soccer games" chair from when I was almost 375lbs carrying my son Aidan. we looked high and low for a chair that went up to 400lbs.

my loving husband makes sure it is always in the back of the truck with all the other folding chairs.

i can't wait for the day when i can sit on anything and not be secretly worried i might break it.

good call on the "my boys might need me" i might have to use that sometime.

The Dash! said...

I've used that line 'the boys might need me' occasionally too, especially when one time I managed to flatten a spindly plastic chair and was horribly mortified. Everyone was sweet and kept saying 'Oh, look, it was very brittle from being in the sun," and things like that .. but HO boy, I stuck to sitting on a blanket on the ground after that.

Fat Daddy said...

God bless I fear the lawnchairs. BYOLC (bring your own....) At least then I can buy the extra heavy duty ones. I will be doing a post soon on this subject

Chocolate Maniac said...

Got a good chuckle out of your husband's restaurant question!! And I like the suggestion to bring your own. That way you always know it's comfortable, and if people ask, you can just say that you never know if a chair will be available, or there will be enough for everyone, thank you very much.

Catherine55 said...

I thought that was a good cover! Great idea about bringing your own chair.


Kathleen said...

Oh, I hope you talked to your doctor about the meds.

Almost all medications have that warning -- even if they're perfectly compatible with breastfeeding. The package inserts have been written by lawyers, not doctors or scientists who have studied how much of a med transfers into breastmilk.

Now, of course, I don't know what meds you were talking about, so I can't given any more info about that specific med, but ...

Doctors are so much more likely to tell a woman that she shouldn't breastfeed while on a med that all research indicates shouldn't be a problem with breastfeeding than to say that she can breastfeed when it's likely to be an issue.