Sunday, August 16, 2009

My List

Well, I have heard that it is a good idea to come up with a list of pros and cons of having surgery. I plan on reflecting back on this list as I continue forward on my journey. This list will be evolving, I am sure, as things progress along. In no special order, here is the beginning of my list:

  • Anesthesia- this scares me a bit. I hate the thought of leaving my two babies behind without a Mommy, or my husband without a wife.
  • risk of complications from incision or band itself
  • vomiting
  • loose skin (BUT, as Amy said, I would rather be healthy with loose skin, than obese with tight skin!)
  • Live longer! The idea of having a heart attack at the age of 45 and abandoning my family has been haunting.
  • prevent obesity related diseases
  • to set a better example for my children so that they won't travel down the same path as I have
  • more energy!
  • I am looking forward to not being so darn hot all the time-less sweating
  • to be able to once again do the activities that I have always loved and have missed so much
  • to once again feel attractive and increase the level of intimacy with my husband
  • to be able to sleep on my back without snoring from being crushed by my own weight
  • to sleep at night free of heartburn
  • once again exercise comfortably- I cannot wait to jog again!!!
  • I would love to have a lap that my kids don't slide off of.
  • shopping at ANY store for clothes
  • the resolution of my chronic foot pain and to prevent knee and hip replacements
  • I am looking forward to having an increased self-esteem.
  • not embarrassing my children in the future for being so large
  • not having to worry about fitting in/breaking chairs
  • I have always wanted to sit "Indian style" on a chair.
  • being able to cross my legs without an extreme exertion of effort
I will be adding to this list as things occur to me- there really are so many that it's hard to list them all.


Catherine55 said...

It's so great that you made a pro/con list. I found doing this really helpful, and I was very surprised months later to find out that none of my cons were as big of a deal as I thought they would be. Will look forward to hearing if you feel the same in a few months! :)


Chocolate Maniac said...

You could be really OCD, and give each item on the lists a "points" value. For example, the part about not dying at 45 of a heart attack might be worth 5 points, while the loose skin thing might be worth 2... (I think too much, don't I?)

Brooke said...

Good list!

Btw, in a funny coincidence, my verification word is "skin". It made me laugh given the con of loose skin :-)

jamie said...

I am so happy to come across this. I am scheduled for lap band on 3/23. My husband is so againest this. I have come to far to let this go, and I need it. I was going to do the bypass but my gut and heart is saying to stick with the band. My fear is that I wont loose enough. I wish you all the luck in the world and I will be following your blog closely!