Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Damage & The Damage

It has been a week and four days since my surgery and a LOT has happened. My best friend came for a visit to help care for me and the boys and we ended up going to Myrtle beach over the weekend. The change of scenery was great, but my food selection, not the best. I did what I could and nibbled here and there, and chewed, chewed and chewed well! When I left I was down to 275 from 290 and I expected to be in the 260s by the time I got home because of how little I could eat, that and I ended up with a fluky stomach bug and was sick at both...well you know the rest.

But, alas, upon my return home the scale read 277. I am going to forget the scale and concentrate on healing for now. I also realize that my appetite is going to increase from here until my first fill in about another three weeks or so. I am prepared for that, but also discouraged that the hunger monster is already rearing it's ugly head. Now...on to the damage:

Check this out!:
(And this doesn't include the $3,000 worth of pre-op testing. CRAZY. $27,000 in all.)

1 week, four days Post-op:

1 Day after Surgery:


momma2fi said...

Yikes! Why was the surgery so expensive???? Did insurance cover it? If not, why so high? I think mine cost nearly half as much. But then again, I have twice as many scars as you do!!!
By the way, I'm a scale obsessed person, and am not losing like I would like to... but I've been paying more attention to the way my clothes fit, and I realize that I am decreasing in size - even from last week - despite the fact that the scales say I am one pound up. So don't worry too much about what the number is, look instead to how your clothes are getting baggy!! lol.

Liz - Lizzle - Libby Lou said...

Mine was about that total including pre-op stuff, surgery, and 2 yrs worth of office visits and fills. But my insurance covered 85% of it. I hope you don't have to pay for that, that's alot!!!

carla said...


Amy W. said...

My total surgery cost was a little more! Thank God my insurance covered it!!!

I cant believe how you hardly have any scars, holes, etc! It doesnt even look like you had surgery and that is awesome!!!!!!

Gen said...

Exhibit A for our insurance problems in this country...it didn't really "cost" that much, it was BILLED at that amount. I paid $9900, but if I had insurance the exact same procedure would have been billed at twice as much - or more.

Anyway, lucky girl with the single incision!!! Very cool! I am still gazing at my 5 incisions, afraid to take off the steri-strips. Maybe today.

I am so with you on the scale. I am eating around 1000 cals per day but scale has not budged in several days. UGH! And as I blogged, the return of the hunger is totally uncool.

That fill will be here soon! You are doing great.

From Fat to Fit said...

Quite the bill!! It'll all be worth it though. :)