Friday, June 27, 2008

Biggest Loser

Do any of you remember the vending machine episode of Biggest Loser? The one where some of the contestants had to eat junk food in order to try to win a free pound pass? Well, remember when they had to eat the food that came out? I can recall distinctly how each one of them reacted while they had to chow down on their past companion.
It amazed me to watch them stuff this junk into there mouths, while they moaned and groaned about how "painful" if was. They carried on about how disgusting it tasted and how sick it was making them feel. I sat there watching this occur and I couldn't help but wonder what that actually felt like. They had been "clean" of poison for so long, that there bodies seemed to be going into shock. This repulsion was certainly a mystery to me. Until yesterday...

I ended up blowing it.

I had to meet a lady to sell a baby carrier that I had listed on Craigslist. The baby carrier is not mainstream and usually appeals to a certain crowd of parents. The lady was quite nice on the phone so I didn't have any preconceived notions about the meeting being uncomfortable. I jumped out of my van when I saw her car approaching from across the parking lot. I couldn't help but notice her looking me up and down, several times, while she parked her car next to mine. She slowly got out of the car, and in a voice of confusion she asked, "Lynn?", as if she was meeting with the wrong person.
Okay, so why in the heck was she so surprised that I was me? Was she expecting me to be a fellow REIer, all fit, toned and ready to hit the Colorado Mountains? I am sure I read into her behavior, but she continued to look me up and down and seemed to maintain this look of disgust on her face. While going over the carrier features with her, I explained to her that there was also an additional waist-extender accessory if anyone on the heavier side would be wearing the baby. She quickly raised her eyebrows, rolled her eyes, nodded her head and mumbled, "that won't be necessary for us". For US? Is she a different species than I am? Are overweight individuals no longer considered part of the human race? I digress.
Feeling stressed out all day and then being upset by the encounter, I headed towards the closest fast food drive-thru and picked up a HUGE cheeseburger, fries and a soda. I parked and started to eat the friend who was telling me how mean and skinny that lady was. I couldn't help but notice that while I was eating it, I started to feel kind of sick. I wasn't anywhere near done consuming the amount of food that in the past would have been a pre-dinner snack for me. The grease was kind of repulsing and I felt very nauseated. Just thinking about it is making my stomach turn right now. Gross.
We all know that eating junk makes us crave more junk, but after eating better for only 40 days or so here, my body was already becoming accustomed to real nutrition. When I eat junk now, I feel depressed, my body aches and I can barely stand to move. If I plan on being the kind of Mommy and Wife that I want to be, I HAVE to continue to take care of myself.

My Husband came home from work last night and wanted to go out for a burger. I got grilled chicken and a side salad. No more greasy burgers for me thanks.


Fat Free Me said...

I'm glad you were repulsed with the food. Now you just have to accept that some people are REALLY rude, forgive her for that, yourself for trying to rely on an old 'friend', and move right along!!! You're going to be fine; this was a little blip on the path. How we handle the blips dictates how we succeed. Hugs to you!!!! You're doing FINE!!!

Big Girl said...

People can be so mean and rude. Sorry that happened but it sounds like you're doing ok.

hope you have a nice weekend.

Deb said...

Some people can be so judgemental and mean.