Thursday, June 19, 2008

Frustrated to the Hilts!

Well I have been stuck at my current weight for what seems like forever now. I am T-totally fed up and completely frustrated. I want so badly to throw in the towel. My scale has been stuck for almost 2 weeks now! I just don't get it. Not only am I eating half, if not less, of what I used to eat, but I am also still nursing my son. What gives? I've tried increasing my food intake in case I haven't been eating enough, but nothing happened then either. You would think that at the weight I am now, it would just melt off at the beginning. I used to eat breakfast, snacks, first lunch, second lunch, snacks, small first dinner, second dinner and then usually desert. So, please tell me why now that I am eating exactly the way a "normal" person does I haven't seen a change on the scale? The only change I feel is less aches and pains from less sugar and junk consumption. That's nice, but the other reward would be great right about now. Below is an example of one of my days, any advice about what I am doing wrong, would be fantastic!

Breakfast: 2-3 egg whites w/ one yolk
1 packet of Weight Control Oatmeal
Snack: Apple w/serving of peanut butter
Lunch: Lean Cuisine, additional serving of veggies
Snack: Slim Fast snack bar
Dinner: 1 chicken breast, serving of veggies
Desert: (If I have anything) 1 two point WW ice cream bar

(Now, keep in mind this is just an example. Some days I only eat fresh fruits and veggies for snacks and my new favorite lunch is turkey slices, tomato, 1 slice muenster cheese, and tons of sprouts on flax bread. So... the point here is that I don't always eat frozen prepared meals. This just happens to be what I ate yesterday.)

and of course I drink tons of water... H E L P !!!

Oh yeah, some of you are asking..."are you exercising?" Well, the honest answer is no, well yes, well kind of. The truth is I have a bum foot, perfect timing, huh? I am afraid that I have developed arthritis in my left foot due to my blubbery large stature. I used to walk 2-3 miles everyday, but my foot was becoming way too painful to continue. I have gone for a walk twice a week on average, so that is a stinker. I'm working on it. For now I am just chasing my two year old and six month old (who is already crawling all over the place!) all over the house and trying to stay away from the pantry. That is about all I can handle right now. But, tomorrow is another day...


Mara said...

Hi: I am also on a new journey I started about almost 2 mths ago and have been blogging about it also. So let's share our stories together. Join me at: We can inspire each other.


kgrenier12 said...

The more you do it - the more it becomes a habit & you will lose weight.

Are you doing points or core?

Are you exercising?

I read your history and can identify with many of the things you've encountered. I too have 2 kids and have gone up & down. I lost 38 pounds and have 100 more to go.

the fact that you are aware of your frustration is good - it's better to acknowledge it versus grabbing food to ignore it.

email me! and keep writing.

you CAN do this....

Big Girl said...

Hi There... I'm new to your blog, I found you through Shedding My FatSuit.

Sometimes that darn scale won't budge a single little tick but hang in there through the frustration. It sounds like you're eating well so that's in order. I found a little walking really helps me, gives me a little sanity and exercise. Maybe that will help kick start things.

Good luck in your journey and I'm looking forward to reading more.

Cristina said...

I just wanted to stop by and say hello. I saw your comment over at

Don't give up! It's hard and frustrating but worth it. We'll get weigh or another. ;)

Mama Bear June said...

Hi there!

Glad you visited me. I had to read your whole story and it was heart-wrenching. I know you can do this and there will be many of us here cheering you on. I have another blog you should visit when you can. Jan lost over 100 pounds by eating healthy and getting exercise. She also had some health challenges and now - is pregnant (already has 6 kids AND is a grandma!!!!) Make sure you read the archives and find the before and after photos. She's my HERO!

It's taken me 3 years to lose just 40 pounds, but I'm definitely healthier than I ever been. So keep making good choices. I'm a big advocate of the Abs Diet for Women. It isn't really a "diet" it's a healthy way of eating and living. I never feel deprived or hungry! Sending hugs and prayers your way. Email me anytime you need some extra encouragement. But definitely give your ankle time to recover before kicking it up a notch.

Path to Health

Susan said...

Comments on your food diary:

Need dairy, need a little healthy oils, need more fruit and veggies.

I would take away the Lean Cuisine and the snack bar. Replace with more filling options. The snack bar could easily be replaced with a piece of fruit or a nonfat/sugar free yogurt. I would change the Lean Cuisine with a Boca Burger and low calorie bread or a Western Alternative 110 calorie bagel. There are many better options than frozen prepared meals. They leave me just wanting more. Try a big salad with a little turkey or chicken and a teaspoon of olive oil for dressing. You will get much more bang for your calories. It will keep you satisfied longer.

Keep posting, you will get lots of great tips ~ some you will like and some you won't. Feel free to pick and choose.

Cristina said...

Check out Jana's cooking blog,

A while back she was posting menu plans for the day. I tried several of the recipes and they were delish. I hope this gives you some different ideas.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn, Here's my answer to this post finally! If this is really what you ate, or typically eat every day, and are not 'mindless eating, I don't think you are eating enough. Some of the things you are eating are some of the things that I found did not hold me (nourish me) long enough for their points value--I call them 'not worthy.' Especially the Slim Fast snack bar. I was a real fan of trail bars, or energy bars, or snack bars, whatever you want to call them. But a lot of them have very little nutritional value. I also noticed that my favorites had 'high fructose corn syrup' as the first ingredient. Duh! (see your own post on sugar/heroin.)

Anyways, try to be open minded, and if you can afford it, experiment with new foods, especially those that are good for you. I have tried things I NEVER would have eaten in my old life, and now they are some of my favorite foods.

There are lots of recipe/food idea places on the internet to give you new ideas. I like the 3 day food plans in the w.w. magazine for simple ideas for snacks and meals. I don't rely solely on w.w. for recipes and food ideas. Some of their ideas are great, but some are not so nutritious and are too high in calories for me.