Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thare She Blows!

I am about to blow it today. I am dealing with a great deal of stress at the moment, and I am telling myself that it is okay to go ahead and self-medicate with a binge. Shoot, I have held it together for 40 days, it's been long enough, right? I'm entitled to a binge by now, aren't I? Haven't I earned one? This is the kind of crap I am telling myself.

My kids and husband are driving me crazy, I can't get anything done, and I am thoroughly exhausted. I just want to eat crap.

I feel so angry, but I can't tell which came first. Do I want to eat because I am feeling angry, or am I angry at myself for wanting to eat?

UPDATE: My best friend just called me, and what she is dealing with right now makes my pathetic "problems" look just that, pathetic.

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Big Girl said...

Take a deep breath, or several of them. Hang in there. Hope your day turns around for you.