Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I have a few random tid-bits regarding today.
  • My NEW scale told me that I weighed 285 lbs. this morning- I returned it.
  • My food was great today. My husband told me that we were going out for ice cream tonight, so I saved up and planned for it all day. We ended up going to Marble Slab, and when asked what I wanted, I told my husband to order me a small coffee ice cream with Heath Bar crumbles. He came out with a LARGE, explaining to me how a large was only $1 more than the small. I told him to save $1 (and his own wife for goodness sakes!) and order a small the next time. (Does he also realize that a size XXXL is only $1 more than an XXL?)
  • My bulimia is right around the corner, taunting and teasing me every chance it gets. I am not doing well in this area. I HATE THIS!
  • What in the heck are we supposed to do about chub-rub? As if exercising while obese isn't hard enough, now we have to deal with this? Just gross. Any advice besides biker shorts is greatly appreciated! ;)
I am hoping that tomorrow is going to be better. Oh, and yeah, I ate the WHOLE LARGE. Thanks Honey! :) I think I will start a pillow fight so I can whack him a few good times across the head and knock some sense into him!!! What a nerd. Now, I realize my eating the whole thing wasn't his fault, but gees Lou Pete it was hard to put down. I actually put it down three times before it was suddenly gone. Weird how that happens, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn, I wonder if your scale problem is the same one I had when I first got a scale. I have a small bathroom, so propped the scale up against the wall, and then just put it flat on the floor in the morning when I wanted to weigh. The weight was all over the place. Finally I tried leaving it flat on the floor, and its been more accurate than I care to think about!!

kgrenier12 said...

We often go for ice cream - but instead of going to a shop we go to McDonald's now. 4 points for a vanilla ice cream cone - you really can't beat that.

Sometimes I don't even go - My husband and the boys go off.

We've been changing what we consider "fun" family activities. Switching from takeout dinner to a hike in a new place or visit a new park or beach.

What would help you during these ice cream runs? Change of Venue?
Reframe the entire situation - such as going for ice cream or doing something entirely different as a family?

Tell your family what you need.

I think you are doing really great.

Allison said...

Hi Lynn, thanks for stopping by my blog! Ice cream is certainly addictive, isn't it? :) About the chub rub: my husband is a chef, so during the summer, the kitchen in which he works gets really hot and he gets chub rub (although he's really not that big). I had read about this Soothing Care product that Monistat makes. It's a chafing relief powder gel. We bought it for him (even though I guess it's a girly item as we found it near the tampons and pads). But he says it's working really well. So I'd recommend that, even though I've never personally tried it. Oh, and corn starch is supposed to work better than baby powder. Hope this helps!

purplegirl said...

Seconding the comment about the Monistat stuff-it works wonders. It stood up to a hot, busy day of retail work in a skirt. Good stuff.