Monday, June 23, 2008

Non-Scale Victories (NSV)

Again, my dear friend Kate lifted my spirits for me today. After yet another disappointing weigh-in, I really felt fed-up. I can't believe I have actually stuck to my new way of eating and I am experiencing no scale rewards. I needed and wanted gratification! So, Kate suggested that I list a few rewards that I have experienced that are not related to the scale. Very good advice as always.
After talking with Kate, I put my two little ones in our van and made a mad dash to Bed Bath & Beyond to purchase a NEW scale. I am ready to throw my old one out the window. While there, I found myself stepping on each and every scale trying to find one that displayed a result that I actually liked. If anyone was watching me they would have assumed I had an obsessive compulsive weighing disorder, but I actually feel like I am forming one! After stepping up on only one scale that registered lower than the others, I decided I needed to give up and focus on that non-scale victory list. I purchased a good old $20 spring loader. I hope that it is more accurate than my digital. I usually step on the scale a few times when I wake up because my digital scale is always changing- it reads higher and higher each time I step on it, totally frustrating. So, on to that list:
  • My body has to be healthier as a result of my new, healthier lifestyle.
  • The pants I was wearing today looked like parachute pants, they were very baggy.
  • I "feel" thinner (I actually undress in front of my husband now- BIG step).
  • My two year old doesn't get to see Mommy stop at 3 fast food restaurants in any given day.
  • I actually obsess about food less. Now that I don't have to think about what I will eat next, how much of it I can eat, and who will know, I have a new found freedom and a different relationship with food. I don't see it as my enemy anymore.
  • Satan's "voice" reminded me that I could drive to McDonald's and binge without anyone knowing, and I pushed the thought out of my head just as fast as it appeared.
So, there are a few rewards that I must be grateful for. The scale, I am reminded, will follow later. I can imagine that my body has no idea what is going on. I have NEVER successfully lost weight in the past without being pregnant, and that of course was out of my control. I have NEVER Yo-Yo'd up and down, I have just steadily gained, V E R Y slowly over the years. My body has to "catch-up" to my brain and hopefully it will do just that once it realizes "we" aren't starving. I hope all of you had a happy and healthy day today!


Cristina said...

Don't get discouraged. The weight loss will come. Stay on track! Are you sure you are eating enough? Try posting a food journal again and see what kinds of comments you get.
Also, maybe you should get have some blood tests done...just to rule out things like thyroid issues. I went and did that when I felt that the numbers on the scale weren't moving. :) Turned out I had no issues and then I re-evaluated what I was eating, I tracked calories, and I realized that I was eating more than I thought. Maybe that's another good exercise you could try...track your calories a couple of days...maybe you're eating more than you think or maybe you're not eating enough and your metabolism is slowing down. I've always read that eating 3 small meals and healthy snacks in between will help with the metabolism.
Don't get'll get there!

Susan said...

I completely agree with Cristina about tracking calories or points (if you are doing Weight Watchers). If you bite it, write it.

If you are journaling and are in the right range, it still may take time for the scale to show it. I think at the beginning, it is harder and seems to go slower.

As you increase your exercise and eat less, you will drop the pounds. The scale will not move quickly and really shouldn't. It will be up and down due to things beyond your control. Do not let these fluctuations hinder your progress.

As long as you see a downward trend, then you are doing things right. Just keep going. It is a long process, but so worth it.