Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Blubbery Blogger's Photo History

I was an average sized child.
I felt so fat on this Easter morning. I was wearing a size 10.
This is a day I will NEVER forget...Nothing fit me on this day, and I had to wear my Mom's clothes. I was horribly embarrassed. 150 pounds.
I was mortified when my Dad took this picture. I thought I was an absolute heifer. 160 pounds.

My wedding day, size 14 dress even though I was wearing a size 22/24. I wore a 14 because my waist is so much smaller than my hips and rear. 269 pounds.
Full-term pregnant with my first son. 265 pounds.

Post-pregnancy, after first son. 240 pounds.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Blubbery,

I just came across your blog and your life story. Some of it has some similarities to mine, but especially these teenage / young woman photos of you where you *thought* you were fat, but definitely were not.

I have some of them (not enough as I have always avoided the camera as much as possible) and a *few* are on my blog (somewhere) but if there's one thing I regret more than anything about having become obese, it's the fact that when I was 17 and 160 - 170 lbs I did not realise then I was a perfectly normal healthy weight and the ridiculous diet guidelines that suggest we all have to be some ridiculous 125 - 140 lb skinny minny are just stupid !!!

Rant over .... I think you know what I mean!

Best wishes,