Monday, July 21, 2008

Dark Place

My sister is gone...finally. I hate to say that, but her visit REALLY threw me for a loop. My nerves are severely frayed to say the least. For some reason, she left me behind in a weird, dark place. I have been depressed and weepy all day long, and I am feeling like my husband cheated on me.
I think my sister's depression rubbed off onto me, either that or I am going to get my period for the first time since my baby was born. Who knows, but I do know that it feels very strange to be in such a murky place. It seems like I have had a few ups and downs since starting my journey, but for some reason I feel like I am at rock bottom right now. Gees, I really hate to be so glum, sorry for such a dreary post.
My food was okay today, it could have been better, but I am hoping to get back on the bandwagon starting tomorrow. I need to read through some of your blogs for some motivation, and also go back and read through my blog to see what has motivated me during these past few months. I need a swift kick in the arse!

My fortune at the Chinese restaurant tonight said: There are ups and downs along life's journey. Fitting.


blendergrl said...

Life definately has its ups and downs. Sometimes it is hard to remember how good it feels when we are 'up' when we are in that dark place. Try not to let someone elses rough time deter you form the good things you are doing for yourself.. that will not help either one of you!

Fat Free Me said...

You just spent the last several days completely out of control in your own home...that'll put anyone in a bad mood. Let God carry Heather's burden, get out on your bike, and watch something funny. Did you log on to Netflix yet? The Business of Being Born isn't funny, but it should take your mind off the craziness of the past week for at least a little while :)

Manuela said...

Oh, nothing like stress is there? I hope that things go okay for your sister but I really hope that you can get rid of the tension that you're probably feeling after her visit.

We just have to remember that we are in control of ourselves.

(I just read your post about doctor's wives, huh? Just what are they supposed to look like? People can be so weird sometimes!)

Irish Mom said...

Its funny how much effects our disposition. Try doing some thing you enjoy to hopefully feel better and get your mind off things.

Your furtune was perfect!!

Losing Weight: said...

Great fortune! :o) Take some time for yourself!

nmburleson said...

Your fortune is so true. It's so hard to take the downs sometimes. Hang in there! This too shall pass.

new*me said...

Moods can be contagious that is for sure. Get out into the sun if only for a little bit each helps to lift my spirits!