Monday, July 7, 2008

Well. Surprise, Surprise.

Well, I just got back from our "vacation" with my husband's family, and it certainly doesn't surprise me to see a gain on the scale this morning. How much of a gain? I couldn't tell you for sure because my scale is a bit challenged. All I can tell is that my weight isn't in the 260s anymore. BUMMER.

It was ONE week, so I am forgiving myself and moving right along. The funny part is I actually watched what I ate. But, then his Mother showed up, and suddenly I couldn't stop eating! Funny how she does that too me. I consumed MUCH less than I normally have in our past romps up to his brother's house, but I snacked way too much on WW cookies, apples and peanut butter and baked chips! However, I did manage to stay away from the M&Ms and Pepsi the whole time we were there. I actually dreampt several dreams about being thinner...these were great and kept my head up.

Switching noodles, I heard Pastor Joel Osteen speaking on TV last night while I was drifting off to sleep. He seemed to be saying exactly what I needed to hear.
  • The Lord has GREAT things in store for us
  • God DOES NOT want us to be in the same place next year as we are right now (BIG one for me, this really hit home- you mean I don't have to be fat year after year after year...?)
  • With God, anything is possible, don't sell ourselves short
  • Don't harbor anger and resentment, move on (really important for me right now due to family issues)
It really is amazing how God seems to tell you exactly what you need to hear as long as you are listening. I need to focus on the fact that He has better things ahead for me and that my journey is by no means over. It all starts today.

UPDATE: It appears as though I gained a total of one pound. Not bad for a week long vacation.


nmburleson said...

Hey Blubbery Blogger! I love that title. In-laws can have that affect on you...but one lb isn't bad at all. :) Thanks for checking out my blog. I'm going to add you to my blog roll.
Natalia! :)

Joye said...

vacys can be a time to eat--sounds like you did a pretty good job. I think finding strength in our faith can help us through difficult times. Love your blog--I'll check back.