Saturday, July 26, 2008

Running the Marathon

I am starting to feel as though I am running a (what seems never ending) marathon. I close my eyes and think about reaching my weight loss goals...and the finish line seems sooooo far away. I am currently sitting at a virtual rest stop along this journey, my brows are sweaty and my legs are so tired. I can't seem to catch my breath, stand back up and go for it. I see all these "runners" passing me and crossing over the finish line and I want to follow, but I am too exhausted and my body aches. I am holding my cup of water and knowing that I don't want to throw in the towel.
I see the crowd cheering me on at the other end, but their faces are fuzzy and their voices are starting to fade away. The sun is going down, and I am starting to hear the crickets. As tired as I am, I know that I have so much further to go. I want so badly to pick myself up and join the last few runners that are trickling by. I don't want to quit and go home, but I just can't seem to find the strength. My body lays draped over a chair and I feel like my feet and arms have lead in them.


Anonymous said...

I totally understand how you feel. I was over 300 pounds when I started, and the task seems daunting. But I try not to think too much about how much I have left to lose. Instead I think about how far I've come and where I might be if I'd not started trying to lose weight. The fact that I was putting on more and more pounds each year is a really strong factor that keeps me from getting too out of control. I wish you the best of luck and beg you not to give up! It will be so worth it when you get to that finish line!

Joye said...

Just take a while to walk. I just had to set a smaller goal. Make that your finish line for now. Keep going!!

Simplymoi said...

there's just one thing you left out of the equation. YOU LOVE TO RUN!!!! Yes, we want to cross the finish line eventually, but getting there is half the fun! Learning and doing things that is better for our bodies and seeing how our body reacts is like a natural high. Even runners need to take a break and rest for a bit, but then they are ready to get back to running again. Maybe you need a little break and stop the pressure you are putting on yourself and enjoy the ride. You can do it and you will do it, I have faith.

Fat Free Me said...

You have got to be putting too much pressure on yourself. This is a race you're in, whether you like it or not. There's no getting out of it :)

You can take a rest (go easy on the calorie counting and scale hopping) if you believe that's best. You can get up, and walk the other way (back into old habits where you re-gain weight lost). OR, you can trudge on, knowing that habits you create will become easier to adhere to the longer you keep them.

However you go at it, you need to find a pattern that you can see yourself keeping to for the rest of your life. Perhaps your pace was too fast. No one can sprint forever.

If you find a good pace, with a steady rhythm, you'll be able to keep at it your entire life without needing to 'walk'.

We're all cheering you on, Lynn. You can do it. God's got the power to give; take it, and run with it :)

carla said...

and I got that when I was working to lose and FEEL IT TODAY in other endeavors.

life is SO a marathon not a sprint and, some days, feels like a whole lat more than 26.2


nmburleson said...

I know what you mean! It's hard to realize how far I have to go. I instead try to focus on how far I've come and try and take it one day at a time.

You can do this!

new*me said...

Don't give up! YOU will do it! Thanks for the motivation on my blog today. Sounds like you are feeling the same way as me. Find something to inspire you and think of it when you are tempted to make a bad choice. I am trying to think of the high I get when I get on the scale during a great weigh in........I want so many more of those. Take each day and use it the best you can...always one day at a time. Losing the weight is going to take awhile-- it's not a race. We owe this to our's time to start loving ourselves again!

D said...

DON'T GIVE UP!! You're doing great! I just found your blog and I hope that mine will encourage you. I'm so close to goal but even that I can't seem to get to -- but I will! And so will you! Keep going! D

Deb said...

"Compare and despair." A wise woman told me that once when I was bemoaning my own weightloss journey. Yes, losing this much weight is a marathon. But it doesn't matter if other runners are passing you. It only matters that you keep going.

Most first time marathon runners' only goal is to finish, not to win a prize for their fast time. That's how it should be for us. Our only goal is to finish. How long it takes is beside the point.

You are doing really great so far. Heck, you've lost 21 pounds. Nothing to sneeze at, to be sure. If you are feeling tired and burned out, it is OK to take a breather....celebrate how far you have come, take time to remember why you are doing this, catch your breath, and soon you will be ready to move forward again.

Good luck to you. You can do this.

JM said...

*HUGS* I know exactly how you feel. We're around the same weight and have the same goal weight. It's hard to keep going some days. You wonder if it's worth it.

What helps me on these days is to think about all the other people I'm doing it for. So I can live longer with those I love. Live to see children, grandchildren.

Sometimes it's tempting to quit the marathon, but there is no shame in walking it out for a while and thinking about those you love until you're back up to running again.


JM @

kgrenier12 said...

You are in the race that is what is most important.

You are not a bystander passively accepting an unhealthy life but you are doing something about it.

There's a huge difference between struggling to lose weight and treading water.

Focus your energy on something positive - for example "i really felt that workout" versus "i'm so out of shape".

Ask for help. You'd be surprised what kind of help you'll get.

Scale Junkie said...

Instead of running a marathon, why not run a few 5k's? I've started breaking my weight loss down into 12 week blocks. Right now I'm not focused on the big picture or how many pounds I need to lose, I'm focused on doing the best that I can do for these 12 weeks. I'll deal with the next 12 weeks 74 days from now.

Why not do something like that or even aim to lose 10% of your current body weight and then another 10% ect. until you reach your goal?

Just don't quit!!

Twix said...

uh oh! this is not a good feeling at all!

((((BIG HUG)))) I will run along side of you!! I have and sometimes still find myself in this same position and yep it sucks! Don't give up. We can still finish this race!