Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fiber-Sure? For Sure!!!

I have been dealing with a little "issue" (hey, if we can't share it here, where else can we?) for some time now, and I decided to purchase some Fiber-Sure at the grocery store. I will wrap this uncomfortable issue up works.

Switching noodles and moving right along...I have a veggie dilemma. Upon the advice of many of you fellow bloggers, I have decided to not only have fresh veggies in my fridge, but I plan on keeping them cut up and ready to go for quick and easy snacking. So today I purchased broccoli, cauliflower, celery, carrots and some bell peppers and cut them all up. Right before it was time for dinner, the munchies hit. So out came the veggies. I dug in pulling some celery out first, and YUCK! it tasted awful. On to the cauliflower...EWW, that was gross too. What the heck!?

I have always LOVED fresh veggies in all colors, shapes and sizes. I have never had this problem before. All the veggies taste horribly bitter and yucky to me. My husband has always complained about vegetables being bitter and nasty. Has this ever happened to any of you? I don't want to have to dip them into ranch to cover the taste up, that would defeat the purpose. I also have Jane's crazy mixed-up salt, but that's seasoned salt and I don't want to consume all that sodium. Gees Lou Pete. It's always something.


Joye said...

Raw carrots are the only ones that I can crunch raw. Maybe there is a WW dip that wouldn't be so bad??? I'll look in the recipes I was given and let you know.

Blubbery Blogger said...

THANKS Joye!!! That would be great.

Fat Free Me said...

I thought something fiber-y might help. My Fiberwise is always doing it's job :) Lemme know if you want me to add some of that in next time you get kiddie shampoo. Are we thinking the scale may reflect a little change in your, um, abdominal freedom?