Friday, July 11, 2008

NEWS FLASH: Exercise Helps you Lose Weight

Wow, I guess this exercise business works, the scale went from 269.8 yesterday to 269.2 today. I'll take it considering I was stuck at 270~271 for a whole stinkin' month! Why didn't anyone tell me how exercise might help me lose weight faster? ;) JK.

I just checked my account at, and after typing in my current weight, it appears as though I have lost an average of 2.4 pounds a week since I have started trying. 2.4 pounds a week? I can't believe that. Here I am thinking I am totally failing at this hard as hell effort. I have achieved 16% of my goal, that makes it sound so worth it!

Also, you may have noticed that there is a picture of me with a face now posted. I finally realized that the fat "police" weren't going to come and find me, and I am tired of hiding. This is who I am now, but not for long. My original fear was that someone I know would somehow find my blog and read it! But, o'well. It is no secret that I need to lose weight.


Chubby Chick said...

Yay! Keep on biking, girl! :)

Big Girl said...

Yeah! Great job

have a good weekend!

JayLady said...

Just found your blog today. Congrats on the weight loss!

Mari said...

Movement is the key! Enjoy and you will see results. When you think of it with resentment, you will not keep it up. Keep the freedom feeling...knowing this is changing your life for the better. Keep on going, and way to go so far!