Thursday, July 31, 2008

Holy Fat Scale Batman

I am in LOVE! I am in love with a scale I found at Brookstones. My mother-in-law went with me, and my boys, to the mall today and while we were there we decided to browse Brookstones. We floated around like kids in a candy store and oohed and awed about everything. We were finally on our way out when I spotted it... the Tanita Innerscan BC-551 Body composition scale. I decided to step on it, but only after I made the public evacuate, and it quickly displayed an accurate weight and also my body fat percentage. Why is this so special you ask? Well, it also does a few other things as well.

From the Tanita website:
The results are analyzed along with gender, age, height and weight for the most accurate and comprehensive at-home reading ever available. Measurements include Weight, Body Fat %, Body Water %, Daily Caloric Intake, Metabolic Age, Bone Mass, Muscle Mass, Physique Rating, and Visceral Fat Rating.

I would just love to see that my muscle mass is increasing even though my weight might be going up. I think this will really help with my psyche. I realize I shouldn't put so much weight (no pun intended here folks ;)) on a scale, but I can't help it, I am a scale-a-holic.

I just think that it is the coolest thing ever! I carried on about how much I would love to have it, but with a price tag of $120, it was a firm no-can-do. Sooooo, I came home and started researching the scale and I found it at The Competitive Edge for only $111.99 with free shipping! :)

I bought it.

So my story gets cooler. I was sitting here after I pressed the submit order button and started feeling very guilty for my purchase. What if my husband gets mad at me? Ugh. I hate that instant buyer's remorse syndrome. I quickly called my MIL to tell her about some lightning fire in my neighborhood (super scary), and out of nowhere she told me that they would like to contribute $30 towards the scale. She didn't even know I had just bought it!!! Oh my smiles, they are the most tight, frugal people you will ever meet, so this is a huge compliment. I can't believe it. I am so excited. I will let you all know if it is worth a darn once I am able to start using it. Oh, that UPS man can't come fast enough.


(Oh, poop. I had to use a promotional code to get the special price, so if you are interested, rest assured I will post it as soon as I find it again.) PHEW! I found it...
Enter PU906A when checking out.


Joye said...

Yeah a good scale is very necessary. It keeps me in check between weigh ins at WW. We gotta get some feet shots with the new fancy scale!

Deb said...

I have a WW scale that does some of what yours does...body fat %, etc. I really like it. It's so sweet your MIL wanted to contribute. Sounds like she wants to support you in whatever way she can.

Fat Free Me said...

WOW, what a moment :) That is the coolest story, and I agree, we need a foot shot of the scale!! I may have to come to your place to measure my muscles!

new*me said...

that sounds great! Let us know. I think it would be worth the investment. Good for mommy in law!