Thursday, August 20, 2009

You Eat What!?

I went out with a friend from church tonight and really enjoyed doing something other than taking care of my boys. So, that was nice. But I do have a few things I need to bounce around.

First of friend is super skinny. Like 5'8" and 110 pounds skinny. Figure skater thin and muscular. Blech! Anywho- after walking around for a while, she decided to order a milkshake from Chick-fil-A and I ordered a large water- so exciting I know. While we were walking around, I decided to take the opportunity to ask her what she eats on a daily basis. I have always wanted to know what she eats- thinking that it may put my daily consumption into perspective for me. This is what she eats on any given day:
Breakfast: 2 cups or so of Lucky Charms w/milk
Snack: Bagel (normal size-yes I asked) w/butter or jelly
Lunch: Peanut butter and jelly with regular chips (not baked) and juice
Snack: 5-6 cookies (seriously)
Dinner: Chicken with rice and cheese (she says she cooks with lots of cheese)
Snack: More cereal or ice cream
Oh. My. Gawd. Can you believe it? Doesn't this sound like a lot of food for someone who is so uber-skinny? Maybe I need to eat more! ;)

Then, after that super enlightening food diary, we ended up sitting on some stools. They were the kind that went up or down using hydrolics. And guess what? Yup, when she sat down on hers, nothing. When I sat down on mine- big whoosh of air and I sunk about 12 inches below her. So not cool.

Now, a little background that I did not provide earlier in the post. This girl was the same one who announced in bible study that "fat" people "gross her out". Excuse me? She said that glutony was one of the seven sins, and that "fat" people were all sinners and needed to eat less. Oh-kay. She also told me this evening that my mother isn't exactly small. What? How did my poor mom get brought into this conversation? My mother is a perfect size 14 and is in great health thank you very much.

It is people like this that make me want to lose 130 pounds over night just to smack them in the face when I am on an even playing ground.


Hopeful said...

I hope that I'm not out of line for asking this, but why are you best friends?

Liz - Lizzle - Libby Lou said...

I don't know if you said she was your BFF but friend or fo, I say she needs to go. OH side thought: those stools must go straight to the trash. how evil? who thought of that anyway??

so back to her, this is the reason why I do not participate is church. sad, i know. I am a highly "religious, christian" person but church I hate. I hate fake people, liars, hypocrits, and it all just pisses me off. I feel for her stupidity. I hope you find some cooler people to surround yourself with.

carla said...

why does the word FRENEMY come to mind?

Mae Flowers said...

I think you have the right to smack her in the face right NOW! You are on even playing ground! Size doesn't make you less of a human!

Amy said...

she has a few things going for her. high metabolism and good genes are the first things that come to mind. Too bad that her mind seems to be as tiny as her waist. But if she believes those things, then does she only hang around skinny people? Is she trying to save you? (if she views you as a sinner) and bring you to the light side (vs dark side but it makes a good pun...the light(er) side).

I think you need to surround yourself with more positive people sweet Lynn!

Sean Anderson said...

People with attitudes like hers makes me sick. That friend of yours... and she's your friend because??? She grosses me out! What a horrible core of a person.

Of course I say this based on her comment---It speaks volumes to the kind of person she is in her heart.

You deserve better "friends."


How are we doing?

Bless you and my best always

meandmygizmo said...

so her glutony doesn't show on her body.....and isn't judging peeps a sin too?! Geez....I don't think HE sizes up our sins and we all have them ~ play nice already!!

On the other hand I have often wondered what skinny peeps eat ~ I have a few skinny friends and guess what ~ they eat more junk and sweets than I do (or I did) too funny!

Thanks for sharing that experience!

Lisa said...

why are you friends with someone who would say something so stupid?

Tiffani said...

I'd have to agree with everyone else... seems you made her out to be a not so great person here. I hope there's more to her that makes you love her...

Anonymous said...

OK, I may just slap that chick for ya, 'kay? Grr. There's just no cure for stupidity...

Catherine55 said...

Is this girl a serious runner? If not, I am 99.9% positive that either:

a) she is lying to you about what she eats;
b) she is bulemic; or
c) all of the above.

NO ONE can eat that much food (without vomiting it back up) and stay thin. The only exception would be if she has a naturally amazing metabolism and also works out like a fiend.

Also, she sounds like a jerk. Is she really trying to say that all fat people are going to hell? Can I get in line to slap her? :)


Catherine55 said...

I also can't believe that this person criticized your mother's size to you. First, that is EXTREMELY RUDE. Second, your mother is smaller than you are, so insulting her size shows incredible insensitivity, in addition to doubling as an insult to you.

I also can't FREAKING BELIEVE that she made that "fat people are gross" comment in front of you, much less at a CHURCH event. What an a*$%@)*. How was that supposed to make you feel? I know that I would have felt terrible if I heard that, even though the source is a complete moron.

This girl has got to go. She is not your friend. I don't care what she looks like on the outside -- she ugly, rude and mean on the inside. How a person like that holds herself out to be "Christian" is beyond me.

It seems to me that this person looks for ways to put you down (indirectly or otherwise) and make you feel bad about your weight. I am so certain that she lied about what she eats that I would be willing to bet money on it. She clearly has some serious problems, and my full expectation is that her appalling lack of manners and sensitivity is just the tip of the iceberg.

Seriously, get rid of her. She is toxic. Before long, you will be thin and feeling fantastic, and she will still be the same nasty person as ever.


momma2fi said...

I second ALL the posts here, and have to add one comment! If she believes fat people are sinners because they overeat and are therefore gluttons - what explains her ginourmous caloric intake? SHE is a glutton!! She clearly makes herself feel pious and superior to others by pointing out what she feels is their faults. How sad.

Natalia said...

Oh boy! Well at least you can choose your friends and I'm guessing that an outing with her probably won't happen again any time soon. People can be so! :)

Mary said...

OHH MYY LYNN, I Just got a chance to read this!!! WHAT!!! I think I would have slapped her into next week if she said that about me or my mom. Shes lying about what she eats anyhow! what a be-och!!! that makes me so mad!